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Each of our traditional, thatched, open-air dining spaces is blessed with breathtaking ocean views, fragrant with tropical blossoming trees, and melodious with the sound of crashing waves and playful geckos.

Guests can experience fine European and Indonesian cuisine, be entertained by authentic Balinese music and dance, and delight in a romantic, candlelit, paradise island ambience at The Oberoi, Bali.


  • Kura Kura Restaurant

  • Frangipani Café

  • Kayu Bar

  • The Amphitheatre

Kura Kura Restaurant

To make a reservation, please call +62 361 73 0361 +62 361 73 0361

Kura Kura Restaurant is a thatched, open-air, fine dining space, named after the turtles that nest on the nearby sands.

It is caressed by the sound of water flowing in the central lily pond and waves lapping the nearby shores of Seminyak Beach. Ornate with Balinese stone carvings and traditional artifacts, Kura Kura is a wonderful place to enjoy European and Indonesian delicacies.

Open from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Frangipani Café

To make a reservation, please call +62 361 73 0361 +62 361 73 0361

Frangipani Café is an al fresco dining space that overlooks Seminyak Beach.

During the day, it offers magnificent views of waves crashing upon the fine sands. Furnished with rich teak wood, ornamented with colourful Balinese parasols and framed by tropical coconut, frangipani and hibiscus trees, our café is a slice of island paradise.

Breakfast 7:00 am to 11:00 am
Lunch 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm

Kayu Bar

To make a reservation, please call +62 361 73 0361 +62 361 73 0361

Housed under a traditional thatched roof, ‘Kayu’, meaning ‘wood’, is rich with polished teak, wooden carvings, wooden artifacts and ornate with exquisite, hand-painted coconut pillars.

At candlelit tables caressed by sea breezes, guests can take in views of the Indian Ocean, our fantastic amphitheatre and tropical gardens, while enjoying the sound of the crashing surf or live entertainment.

Kayu Bar serves classic and contemporary cocktails, champagne and fine wines until late in the night.

Open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

The Amphitheatre

To make a reservation, please call +62 361 73 0361 +62 361 73 0361

Our natural stone amphitheatre is the only venue where guests and the public can experience traditional Balinese dance performances, bi-weekly. Designed in the style of a traditional Balinese palace arena, the amphitheatre features a delightful water body, stone bridge, stage and seating area for al fresco dining.

At intimate, candlelit tables, caressed by the sea breeze and the fragrance of tropical blossoms, guests can experience fine dining while being entertained by authentic Balinese dance and music.