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The inner sanctum of our spa is majestic under a crystal chandelier, crowned by a day sky dome and caressed by the gentle sound of water cascading over a white marble fountain. Therapies use natural oils, and include international and Ayurvedic techniques to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

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  • Massage Therapies | The Oberoi Amarvilas

    Massage Therapies

  • Massage Therapies | The Oberoi Amarvilas

    Body Treatments

  • Hair and Nails | The Oberoi Amarvilas

    Hair and Nails

  • Advanced Therapies | The Oberoi Amarvilas

    Advanced Therapies

  • Ayurveda for Relaxation | The Oberoi Amarvilas

    Ayurveda for Relaxation

  • La Prairie Facials| The Oberoi Amarvilas

    La Prairie Facials

Massage Therapies

Speciality Baths at Luxury Spa | The Oberoi Amarvilas

We offer a range of Western, Eastern and signature Oberoi massage therapies, designed to relax, rejuvenate and refresh the body and mind.

Aromatherapy Massage

A harmonious fusion of ancient healing techniques, our aromatherapy massage uses specially blended,fragrant natural oils and massage therapy to relax, refresh and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Thai Massage

Deeply rooted in ancient Thai culture, this carefully crafted therapy uses different pressure to systematically loosen tight muscles, before finishing with a full body stretch. Thai massage uses no oil and is experienced in our dedicated Thai massage rooms.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot stone massage therapy is a deeply relaxing massage. Smooth, volcanic stones and natural oils are heated before being applied with strokes of varying pressure to the body. Hot stone massage therapy is highly recommended for people with insomnia.

Oberoi Experience

A blend of Western and Eastern massage therapies, our signature treatment uses rhythmic strokes of varying pressure and a soothing dhara to release the body and mind from deeply held tensions; promoting a profound sense of calmness and relaxation.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most widely practiced and best known Western massage therapy. Classical Swedish massage uses various hands-on techniques to release muscle knots and ease tension, while decreasing toxins and improving circulation to the heart and around the body.

Balinese Massage

Balinese massage uses a combination of acupressure and oil massage. This technique increases the blood circulation, which stimulates the flow of energy around the body, and brings a sense of calm, wellbeing and relaxation.

Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage is an ancient technique in which the lower body is vigorously stimulated, so that healing may occur in other parts of the body. Thai massage relieves tired feet and enhances energy throughout the body.

Body Treatments

Speciality Baths at Luxury Spa | The Oberoi Amarvilas

Body Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a vital cleansing technique that leaves the skin glowing and fresh. On brushing and scrubbing the body, dead cells are removed to reveal silky smooth skin.Treatment conclude with application of body lotions.

Guests may choose from the following body exfoliation treatments:

Salt and oil
A stimulating scrub for deep cleansing

Sugar and mint
This cooling, moisturising scrub is especially good for sensitive skin

Rice and turmeric
This warming scrub also has skin brightening properties

Duration:30 minutes

Body Envelopment

This treatment starts with a full body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. A masque is then applied and the body cocooned in a heat-inducing wrap, to facilitate natural osmosis and detoxification.

Guests may choose from the following body exfoliation treatments:

Indian Sandalwood
A naturally porous masque that draws out impurities and nourishes the skin; leaving it smooth, silky and beautifully fragrant

Algae, or seaweed
Rich in iodine, this masque encourages detoxification and leaves the silhouette more defined

Balinese Borah
An indigenous Indonesian herbal mixture, this warming masque reduces puffiness and promotes circulation

Duration: 60 minutes

Hair and Nails

 Hair and Nails| The Oberoi Amarvilas

Guests may choose from the following hair and nail treatments:

Lustrous Hair

A deeply moisturising treatment that encourages a healthy scalp and strengthens roots,begins with a warming, restorative oil, a head massage, a wrap, wash and natural drying.

Note: For best results, we recommend that guests keep the oil on their hair for as long as possible before washing.

Nails Express

A perfect manicure or pedicure in minutes. This express nail service that includes cleaning, shaping and polish.

Feet So Soft

An intensive treatment to relieve the tensions carried by overworked feet, this luxurious therapy includes shaping and cleaning of the cuticles, a warm soak in a bubble bath, exfoliation of dead skin cells, a deep massage and a nourishing masque, for soft, smooth feet.

Advanced Therapies

Advanced Therapies| The Oberoi Amarvilas

The body's chakras are spinning wheels of energy that can get blocked by internal and external negative forces. Our advanced therapies are specially curated, holistic massage treatments that release tension, remove blockages and stimulate the flow of energy between the chakras, resulting in an increased sense of wellbeing and calm.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

An advanced therapy that frees the body's internal energy pathways, this treatment includes a full body massage and stimulation of the chakras, or energy centres, with gentle vibrations from a Tibetan singing bowl.

Chakra Balancing Hot Stone Therapy

With this therapy, smooth volcanic stones containing natural energies from the earth's core are placed along the chakra points while massage strokes stimulate and balance the body's energy flow.

Synchronised Massage

This two-therapist massage redresses natural imbalances and realigns energy polarities through top-to-toe and diagonal stretching. Oil massage applied with long, symmetrical strokes stimulates and harmonises vital energies.

Ayurveda for Relaxation

Ayurveda for Relaxation| The Oberoi Amarvilas

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian tradition that aims to redress imbalance in the doshas (three different energy types). Through massage with carefully blended oils, our Ayurvedic therapies release mental and physical tensions, and foster calmness and wellbeing.

Hot Herbal Poultice

Using a heated poultice packed with specially blended Ayurvedic herbs soaked in a therapeutic oil, our therapists apply long strokes of varying pressure to relieve muscle tension, joint ache and blockages in the marma points (concentrated energy centres) around the body.


Using a heatedkasa bowl, potent with natural healing energies, our therapists apply oil with long and circular strokes to the marma points (concentrated energy centres) in the lower legs and feet, stimulating circulation, relieving tension and promoting good sleep.

Soundarya Facial

This marma massage and facial hydrates the skin, visibly diminishes signs of ageing, eliminates fine lines and restores firmness. Soundarya is a potent serum that increases the production of collagen, dramatically improving elasticity, leaving the skin radiant with a satin texture and a more youthful appearance.


A traditional Indian head massage, Shirobhyanga uses warm oil applied with gentle and vigorous brushing strokes to activate vital energy points and release tension from the scalp, neck and shoulders.


Warm, therapeutic oil, specially blended to balance the doshas, is continuously poured onto the forehead. This therapy calms the third eye, promoting calmnessand deep sleep.

La Prairie Facials

La Prairie Facials| The Oberoi Amarvilas

La Prairie is committed to creating extravagant skincare products and providing ageless beauty with the fusion of science, art, and luxury.

Ultimate La Prairie Signature Gentlemen Facial

Instantly cleanses and conditions, restoring balance and removing damaged skin cells. La Prairie's exclusive Cellular Complex and Cellular 3-Minute Peel combine to bio-energise the skin,cleanse congested pores and eliminate skin impurities to reveal younger, fresher-looking skin.

Caviar Lift Facial

A lifting and firming treatment for all skin types, La Prairie’s Caviar Firming Facial provides moisture rich hydration, essential nutrients and nourishment for silky soft skin.

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Facial

Our skin needs moisture, energy and protection. It must be nourished and cared for. Taking this into account, La Prairie has developed a facial to combat signs of aging and encourage younger looking skin. Incorporating an exquisite eye and face massage using clear and rose quartz crystals, the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Facial will leave you feeling radiant and relaxed.

Ultimate Cellular Hydrating Facial

The most dramatic results for dehydrated, stressed and fatigued skin. This intensive facial begins with a luxurious back massage and then proceeds to energise and detoxify the skin with La Prairie's latest cell energizer Cellular Power Infusion. Skin looks younger and bursts with moisture and vital energy.

Ayurveda Inspired Rituals

Ayurveda Inspired Rituals & Treatments in Spa at The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur


A traditional Indian massage using a combination of soothing and symmetrical long strokes to regulate the circulatory and nervous system. The warm herbal oil chosen according to your body type balances the doshas and leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. A steam bath is recommended following this massage.

Synchronised Abhyangam

This holistic therapy uses dosha specific oils anointed by two therapists with the same rhythmic movements. This harmonious therapy relieves muscle and joint pain, nervousness, insomnia and regulates the circulatory system.

Hot herbal poultice therapy

This therapeutic massage begins with an application of warm oil specific to your dosha. Warm aromatic towels are applied to relax the muscles while stimulating blood circulation and energy flow. The effect of heat and herbs helps to reduce aches and pains, increase lymphatic drainage and condition the skin leaving you refreshed and relaxed.


Using Ayurvedic oils, the vital points of the shoulder, neck, head and face are massaged to relax tight muscles and improve blood circulation. With a special focus on 'Marma' points (vital energy points) around the head, you will feel an immense calming and balancing effect on the nervous system and throughout the body. This therapy concludes with an application of warm aromatic towels leaving you totally relaxed.


This Ayurvedic reflexology therapy is an ancient massage for the sole which focuses on marma points of the feet and lower legs. Padabhyanga promotes quality sleep, increases circulation and energy flow to boost immunity, rejuvenating your entire body. This therapy incorporates the use of a kasa bowl which is warmed in oil resulting in a more effective therapy as the metal interacts with the energy force of the body.


Shirodhara is an ancient Indian therapy using warm, medicated oils which flow from a specially designed copper vessel. A gentle stream of warm oil is directed onto the forehead which in turn triggers healing, restores balanced health and calms the mind.

Marma point therapy

Marma points are energy pathways where the body and mind communicate. Using pure ayurveda oils according to your dosha, marma point therapy is a cleansing and harmonising therapy. It is a combination of energy balancing along with a subtle stimulation of the marma points. This therapy will leave you with a long lasting sense of calm.

Saundarya, Ayurvedic facial

In this ancient ritual lies the secret of traditional Indian beauty. This complete facial therapy uses natural products to suit specific skin types. It deeply cleanses and removes toxins, restoring the balance and elasticity of the skin. The main feature of this therapy is the gentle stimulation of the facial muscles that helps in balancing the marma points of the face leaving the skin supple and radiant.


Fitness facility

Gym, Volleyball or Croquet - Fitness Facility at The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

Our fitness centre is well lit, well ventilated and houses a wide range of cardiovascular and weights machines, as well as free weights. Within our expansive grounds, we also have a putting area, a volleyball court, a croquet lawn and two swimming pools.

swimming pool

Deep Blue Tiled Reflective Pools at The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

Our deep blue tiled pool glows azure in the sunlight, while after sunset, flaming torches blaze red and gold across the dancing water. Decorated with sandstone columns and spouting elephant water fountains, our pool is vibrant with Rajasthani splendour.

Length (Main Pool): 89 feet (27 metres)
Length (Spa Pool - for adults and children over 12 years): 83 feet (25 metres)