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Capital of the state of Karnataka, Bangalore is situated 1000 mtr. above sea level, and enjoys a pleasant climate. It has a number of attractions, ranging from Tipu Sultan's summer palace to its beautiful parks. It also offers the visitor a wide selection of shopping opportunities and restaurants.

Garden city Bangalore

As Bangalore was famed for its green spaces and public parks before it was crowned as the technology capital of India, we would recommend a tour of the famous Lal Bagh. Located 05 km. away from The Oberoi, Bangalore, it is a horticultural marvel spread across 240 acres. Commissioned by the erstwhile ruler of the region, Hyder Ali it hosts a plethora of unique plant species from across the world. Approximately 1000 species from South Asia, Central Asia and Europe. It is also home to the archeological wonder of the Lal Bagh rock said to be 3000 million years old. Given the temperate climate that refreshes the city, year long, long walks and thematic tours of this lung-space is a must for nature enthusiasts and photography buffs alike. During winter months it is the venue for Asia's largest flower show with special focus on tropical roses .

History calls

The usual trail:

Located 10 km. away from The Oberoi, Bangalore, The Bangalore Palace is a place to soak in the history of Bangalore. It was commissioned in 1862 and was completed in 1944. Spread across 454 acres the palace is styled on Tudor architecture of England. The palace reflects colonial influences of decor, style and feel.

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace is another such stop situated just about 7 km away from The Oberoi, Bangalore. The structure was built more than 200 years ago. The architecture, the layout and the overall look of the palace gives you the idea of the ethnic Mughal lifestyle. The fort and its remains present the history of the era in which it was built. Kempe Gowda first raised this fort with mud in 1537. In 1761, Hyder Ali renovated it to standard stone structure which was passed onto to his heir,Tipu Sultan who made it his summer retreat.

Tech Trail

Bangalore being the technology capital of India, boasts of two wonderful museums dedicated to science. One is the old school Visveshvaraya Science museum is Located 4 km. away from The Oberoi, Bangalore and has special attractions for children to experience science in a fun way. The second museum, the HAL Aeronautical museum is located 8 km. away from The Oberoi, Bangalore and is of interest to adult. It is a treat for those who want a glimpse at India's aviation history and technology.

One can also arrange special campus tours of technology giants like Infosys and Wipro. Special conditions and security clearances are applicable for the same.

One can also visit the pan India famed Indian Institute of Science campus which is compared to the MIT of the East.

The unusual one: Bangalore Walks

Started by Arun Pai, a corporate executive turned guide, this company arranges thematic walks across different areas of the city. The walks begin early morning and end with breakfast at an old famed culinary house indigenous to the city. The themes range from Cantonment history, Heritage buildings to Colonial past.

Most of them start from Trinity Church gate situated across The Oberoi, Bangalore!

They also arrange evening trails of a pub-crawl where they take you across key bars and pubs of the city which are steeped in history and anecdotes. In each stop you get to try their signature brew / cocktails and snack... it is one potent with a heady experience of the city.

They also customise walks and trails for individual groups as per interest areas.

Art Lovers

The Chitrakala Parishad located 7 km. and the Venkatappa Art Gallery Located 2 km. away from The Oberoi, Bangalore provide a great escape into the world of Indian art history, evolution and celebrates artists of all genres. Often exhibitions of emerging talents provide opportunities for great buys for ones collection too!


Rangashankara, run by the famous theatre and film personality, Arundhati Nag is a hub for vibrant theatre activity and is located just 20 km. away from The Oberoi, Bangalore. Promoting folk,tribal plays, local scripts to International troupes and acts. The complex is a green building keeping ecological aspects and indigenous art styles in mind.


Bangalore is often coined the Silicon Valley of the East not only for its IT prowess but also its California like temperate climate. Thus, the city offers a range of outdoor cafes wherein you can enjoy International brews and blends with nibbles and some make it more exotic with flavoured sheeshas too in their menu! These cafes are found all across the city in various neighborhoods and activity hubs located around The Oberoi, Bangalore.

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