Weather information

The temperatures shown in the table below are indicative and based on past weather trends. It is advisable to check current weather before making any arrangements which are dependant on weather conditions

Average High Average Low Average High Average Low
January 27°C 15°C 81°F 59°F
February 30°C 17°C 86°F 62°F
March 32°C 19°C 90°F 67°F
April 34°C 22°C 93°F 71°F
May 33°C 21°C 91°F 70°F
June 29°C 20°C 84°F 68°F
July 28°C 19°C 82°F 67°F
August 27°C 19°C 81°F 67°F
September 28°C 19°C 82°F 67°F
October 28°C 19°C 82°F 66°F
November 27°C 17°C 80°F 63°F
December 26°C 16°C 79°F 60°F

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