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Places of tourist interest

Masjid Al Nabawi Al Sharief (Prophet Mohammedís mosque)

(10 Meters / 2 minutes) This is the main attraction of Madina City, the final resting place of Prophet Muhammad. People visit to offer their prayers in the Mosque and express their respect to the prophet Muhammad.

Quba Mosque

(5 Kms. / 10 minutes) The First Mosque built by Prophet Muhammad (PRUB) when he migrated from Makkah.

Qibalatin Mosque

(3 Kms. / 5 minutes) Historically Muslims used to pray facing the Jerusalem, the direction of prayer was changed to Makkah during the Prophet period in this Mosque.

Sabaa Masjid (Seven Mosque)

(2 Kms. / 5 minutes) Seven small mosque built in the same surrounding.

Shaudah Uhad

(3 Kms. / 5 minutes) On this Ground the Battle of Uhud was fought and people visit this ground to offer respect to the Martyrs

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