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Cabins & suites

All our cabins and suites come with the following features:
Electronic safe, Personal bar, Private bathrooms, Temperature controls, Remote control TV and radios, Computerized telephone system, Spacious wardrobes

All the cabins and suites are fully equipped, keeping in mind the comfort and security of our guests. Elegantly upholstered furniture, decorative ironwork on the balconies and rich fabrics and carpets lend an air of The British country house to the interiors. Each cabin has its own private balcony and sun loungers allowing peaceful contemplation of the ever changing views. Cabins come with a private bathroom with its own private shower cubicle.

Accommodation comprises:
  • 4 Single Deluxe Cabins - 19.75 square meters
  • 50 Double Deluxe Cabins - 21.75 square meters
  • 4 Deluxe Suites - 38 square meters  
  • The above quoted size of all cabins includes the balcony. Cabins and suites are arranged on A, B, and C deck, all with river views while sailing.
  • A number of interconnecting sets are available for larger family groups of adults. There are very limited facilities for children.
  • The very highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness are observed throughout. A purified water supply and updated fire safety systems are installed on board. A misty system on the sun deck protects guests from excessive summer heat.

Deluxe Single Cabins

Deluxe Double Cabins

Deluxe Suites