Mountain bicycling

The landscape beckons the adventurer as the bicycling trails pass through woods of cedar, spruce and pine. In spring, wild flowers set the hillsides ablaze in a riot of colour. Choose a challenging trail or pick an easy-paced ride. Cross hamlets where life has followed a steady pace for years. Pass through forests whose majestic trees have stood undisturbed for centuries. The experiences of a single day allows you to take back memories for a lifetime.

Trail 1 - The Sylvan trail

Distance: 18 km
Average Duration: 3 hrs
Grade: Easy

The trail starts from Mashobra village, a twenty minutes drive from the Wildflower Hall. The trail from Mashobra to Bekhalty is a level road that skirts the hill on which the Wildflower Hall is located. Picturesque villages dot the road and the entire biking stretch provides some beautiful views of the Great Himalayan Range and the Shali peak that dominates the north-western skyline. The track joins the highway at Bekhalty, another small hamlet from where our vehicle picks the bikers up for the thirty minute drive back to the Wildflower Hall.

Trail 2 The Oaks & Orchards trail

Distance: 6 km
Average Duration: 1 1/2 hrs
Grade: Moderate

This hour and a half long trail skirts Mashobra Hill and goes around the Presidential Retreat - a beautiful colonial bungalow used by the President of India as a summer retreat. The trail descends from a hill adjacent to the Wildflower Hall, which offers a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains and deep valleys. It then winds back through oak forests and apple orchards.

Trail 3 The Sanctuary Trail

Distance: 8-26 km
Duration: 2-4 hrs
Grade: Easy

The absolutely flat, gravel road in the sanctuary forest offers an unmatched experience for those looking for a relaxing ride in the heart of a pristine, silent forest. Starting from the sanctuary gate the road leads deeper into the dense Cedar forest, till one reaches the century old water reservoir at Seog, a distance of 8 km. One can drive back from this point or continue the ride back to the sanctuary gate. Those looking for more action can ride to the end of the road a further 5 km ahead and ride back from that point. A vehicle is required to and from the Sanctuary gate.

Trail 4 The Downhill Trail

Distance: 32-45 km
Duration: 3-4 hrs
Grade: Easy, moderate & challenging

Wildflower Hall offers a number of trails leading down from the Resort to the valley floor. These myriad options are of different difficulty grades catering to the needs of novices as well as experts. Pickup by car is needed for the drive back to Wildflower Hall. A ride on these trails can also lead one down to Chaba, on the banks of the Sutlej River, to experience the White Water Rafting options offered by Wildflower hall, as an added option.

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Wildflower Hall, Shimla in the Himalayas