River rafting

Riding the rapids is to experience the thrill of an encounter with the powerful forces of wind and water. Originating from the fabled Mansarovar lake on the western highlands of Tibet, the river Sutlej slices through several Himalayan ranges, carving out some of the deepest gorges in the world. Through magnificent canyons, fields, hamlets, and pristine sandy beaches, the river makes its panoramic passage. Discover the secrets of the river as you follow its course.

Course 1 - White water magic

Distance: 19 km
Average Duration: 3 hrs
No. of rapids: 13
Class: I to III+

The drive to Malgi takes two hours, the final stretch of which runs parallel to the river and is a visual prelude to the rafting experience. This thrilling river run courses between Malgi and Tattapani and is a combination of gentle passages and ‘roller coaster’ torrents. The trip ends at Chaba, where a vehicle awaits for the return to the Wildflower Hall.

Season: 15th September - 30th June.
Dates are subject to weather conditions.

Course 2 - Quicksilver

Distance: 9 km
Average Duration: 1 hr
No. of rapids: 5
Class: I to III

This is an ideal trip for families and for those who want a quick introduction to the thrills of rafting. The drive to Chaba meanders through picturesque countryside, punctuated by small hamlets, orchards and fields. The five rapids on the run fall between categories I and III. After the run, and as a preliminary to the spa at the Wildflower Hall, you can soak in hot sulphur springs at Tattapani and visit the Shiva temple at Shiv Goofa, a natural cave with stalagmite formations.

Season: 15th September - 30th June.
Dates are subject to weather conditions.

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Wildflower Hall, Shimla in the Himalayas