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Give tired hands, overworked feet and lacklustre hair a treat at The Oberoi Spa.

  • Perfect Hands or Feet

    45 minutes INR 5,500

    Regenerating, nourishing and refreshing treatments for your hands or feet that help strengthen the skin’s own natural protection systems and are ideal for softening your skin. Treatments include nail clipping, shaping, buffing, scrubs, masque, massage and removal of hard skin.
    *Does not include nail polishing.

  • Wellness Foot Reflexology

    45 minutes INR 5,500

    A non-clinical foot reflexology massage in which pressure is applied to the acupressure points on your feet, activating the vital reflex energy points and aiding circulation throughout the body.

  • Vitalising Scalp

    45 minutes INR 5,500

    A head massage using warmed Ayurvedic hair oil to stimulate the circulation, rehydrate dry hair, promote shine and reduce hair fall. After washing, it is left to dry naturally, leaving glossy-looking, nourished hair.

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