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Skin Care
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The world renowned spa brand Omorovicza is used exclusively for all our facials. With a rich and romantic heritage, the brand uses latest scientific advances in mineral cosmetology, applying unique healing waters to innovative skin care.

  • Soothing. 60 minutes

    For sensitive skin in need of special attention, gentle products are used to cleanse and exfoliate. A unique facial massage stimulates micro circulation whilst relieving tension. A nourishing organic poultice supplies ample nourishment and moisture, leaving the skin glowing with new found health.

  • Purifying. 60 minutes

    Mineral rich moor mud draws out impurities and nourishes the skin. The application of the mud mask follows a thorough cleansing and exfoliation using rosemary and pineapple extracts to refine your pores. This facial is certain to revitalize all skin types.

  • Brightening. 60 minutes

    This anti aging, firming and brightening facial defies time, creating a bright and radiant complexion. This therapy includes an intense eye firming mask to enjoy the renewed benefit of a youthful glow. Pressure point techniques work in harmony with our products to provide immediate results.

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