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Give tired hands, overworked feet and lacklustre hair a treat at The Oberoi Spa.

  • Hand Therapy. 45 minutes INR 3,750

    Regenerating, nourishing and refreshing treatments for your hands or feet that help strengthen the skin’s own natural protection systems and are ideal for softening your skin. Treatments include nail clipping, shaping, buffing, scrubs, masque, massage and removal of hard skin.
    *Does not include nail polishing.

    Feet Therapy. 60 minutes INR 3,750

    This lavish therapy relieves the tensions and stress held by overworked feet. The nails are skillfully shaped, cuticles cleaned and treated, and a warm soak in a bubble bath provides soothing comfort. Your therapist then exfoliates the skin, sloughing away dead skin cells and impurities. A deep massage is delivered to release muscular knots and fatigue. The treatment finishes with a nourishing masque that seals the moisture and leaves you with soft, smooth, renewed feet.

    Lustrous Locks . 45 minutes INR 3,500

    The treatment begins with a restorative head massage using a fusion of Ayurveda oils, which promote circulation and strengthen the roots. The warm oils deeply hydrate the strands, reduce hair fall and restore health. A cleansing rinse follows, after which the hair is left to dry naturally. The result is glossy, nourished hair.

    Nail Grooming . 30 minutes INR 2,500

    This quick service gives you glamorous nails in minutes. The tips are carefully filed to smooth out irregularities and define the shape. The service concludes with an application of enamel, as desired.

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