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The Most Fantastic River Cruise--In Beautiful Southern India

In "The Most Fantastic River Cruise - In Beautiful Southern India", Mr. Gerald Eskenazi highlights that "If you think of India as one endless stream of people, motorcycles, cars honking their way around cows, pedestrians and dogs...well, you're right But you also are in for a surprise—and, believe it, a luxurious rest, sailing on the Vrinda" adding "The motor vessel plies the beautiful southern part of India known as Kerala, and is run by the famed Oberoi Hotel people. Small wonder that the rooms are what you'd find in a luxurious hotel, and the food, both Indian and Continental, would make a gourmet smile." is designed for C-level executives, top management, high-end investors and those aspiring to positions of corporate leadership as a source of insight into the people, companies and technologies driving business and creating wealth today and in the future. travel coverage focuses on the finest hotels, resorts and experiences the world over that feature the best in high-end luxury and sophistication. The website reaches out to 29,704,500 Unique Monthly Visitors.

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