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In "Did you know sweet and sour chicken didn't originate in China? Chef Andrew Wong is busting myths and more", Ms, Smitha Menon highlights that “Fascinated by how religion, culture, customs and history blends with a region’s cuisine, Wong's explorations in food have introduced diners to the depth and variety of Chinese gastronomy."

Quoting Mentor Chef Andrew Wong on Baoshuan, she says "We're constantly making tweaks but what we are most excited about is the degustation menu. We want people to appreciate the regionality and the flavour profile of the dishes. We've unearthed an ancient recipe for soy chicken. It dates back to about 2,300 years ago. The doctors in the Forbidden City used an ingenious method that retains as much vitamins and moisture in chicken as possible. The end result is a moist chicken with brown lacquered skin on top. We’ve also worked on some modern dimsum with interesting combinations like garlic and cucumber. They’re designed to be bite-sized flavour profiles.

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