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Offers at The Oberoi, Sahl Hasheesh

The Best of Egypt - Special Hotel Offers by The Oberoi, Sahl Hasheesh

The Best of Egypt

Rare marine life, nature's fabulous colours, white sand and the timeless beauty of the Red Sea. Ancient monuments, temples and five thousand years of Egyptian culture on the river Nile.

Unforgettable Experience - Special Hotel Offer by The Oberoi, Sahl Hasheesh

Unforgettable Experience

A secluded haven on the Red Sea coast, celebrating rare marine life, nature's fabulous colours and the timeless beauty of the sea. Nature comes to life at The Oberoi, Sahl Hasheesh with white sand, aquamarine waters and vibrantly-hued marine life. In exotic Egypt, this exclusive luxury resort on the Red Sea coast is situated on 48 acres with a private beach.

6th April to 31st October, 2016

Red Sea Adventure, Special Hotel Offers - The Oberoi, Sahl Hasheesh

Red Sea Adventure

Experience the rich maritime history of the Red Sea. Immerse yourself in the underwater world in its full glory. The crystal clear waters and unique underwater gardens are a diver's paradise, enchanting travelers to return again and again. Whether you are a beginner or a certified diver, The Oberoi, Sahl Hasheesh offers a myriad of options to suit your needs.

6th April to 30th September. 2016