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ALQVIMIA Beauty Facials

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These personalised facial treatments are performed with ALQVIMIA luxury skincare products and include a facial scrub, face mask and moisturiser.

  • Nourish 60 minutes

    *Suitable for dry skin.

    Stimulates the epidermis, helping to keep the skin young and supple.

  • Calm 60 minutes 0

    *Suitable for sensitive skin.

    A reconstituting treatment with a calming, decongestant, deeply moisturising effect.

  • Balance 60 minutes 0

    Suitable for oily skin.

    Rebalances excessive oil secreted from the sebaceous glands and encourages their normalisation.

  • Rejuvenate 60 minutes 0

    *Suitable for mature skin.

    Activates deep cellular regeneration and visibly softens existing fine lines, with antioxidants that counteract premature ageing.

  • Eternal Youth 90 minutes 0

    *Suitable for mature and fatigued skin.

    A unique, deeply regenerating treatment to activate fresh and youthful looking skin.

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