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Body Treatments.

Body Treatments by Sodashi, The Oberoi Dubai
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Let us help you choose a made-to-measure Silhouette treatment for your personal needs and desired results using our kinesiology test in order to obtain a beautiful slender figure, and smooth, nourished skin.

  • Silhouette Body Treatments. 90 minutes AED 685

    Shape Reducer

    Has a draining, lipolytic effect that improves micro-circulation and catalyses the exchanges needed for reduction, toning and cell renewal.

    Body Sculptor

    Shapes the figure through lipo-reductive, restructuring action. It firms, moisturises, tones and stimulates the skin. It is suitable for those who want to reduce fat in specific areas.


    Improves elasticity, smoothness of the skin and promotes lipolysis. The anti-cellulite oil is applied with a massage of various techniques that disperse accumulated fats and fluids.


    Restores firmness to the skin and helps recover skin tone. ALQVIMIA Body Oil for Firm and Healthy Skin is applied for its firming, toning, nourishing and rejuvenating effects.

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