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Luxury Hammam Rituals by marocMaroc

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marocMaroc gives life to the most enchanting beauty tales inspired by the soft atmosphere of the hammam, the richness of the argan tree, the majesty of the rose, the authenticity of almond flowers…

  • Traditional Hammam 60 minutes

    Designed to revive the body and release tension. This treatment commences with an ultra-purifying exfoliation using the traditional Moroccan kessa massage glove combined with a detoxifying body scrub. This is followed by a soothing soaping with orange blossom-infused shower milk. The skin is left deeply cleansed and softened.

  • Signature Hammam 90 minutes

    A sensual journey to the heart of traditional Moroccan skincare techniques. The skin is cleansed using Moroccan black soap, then exfoliated using a kessa glove. A unique body wrap made from Atlas Mountains’ clay, aromatic medicinal plants and rose water is then applied to the skin. To complete the journey, nourishing argan oil is generously applied on the body.

  • Luxury Hammam Journey 120 minutes

    Luxurious Moroccan techniques, combined with marocMaroc products, will take you on a sensual journey to deep relaxation. A hammam ritual is followed by a ceremonial “sensory awakening” candle massage to release tension from your whole body, leave your skin radiant, and restore peace and tranquility.

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