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The first steam baths, as they existed since the dawn of time, have passed through the ages to become the Hammam rituals of today.

Combining the virtues of warmth, steam and natural beauty products, the hammam becomes a place of relaxation and purification to help you take your time and shed the stressed-filled layers you carry.

The fragrant steam embalms the senses, perspiration detoxifies the body and the scents encourage a delicate feeling of relaxation and drowsiness to settle in.

  • Ancestral Traditions. 60 minutes 1,320 MAD

    This ceremonial opens with a moment of relaxation in a steam bath, followed by a natural exfoliation of the body with traditional black soap enriched with lavender essential oil which prepares the skin for a revitalizing body mask with green clay and Atlas verbena. A complete hair cleansing with argan and green tea and an exfoliation of the feet with rose bath salts prepare the mind for a cascade of orange blossom floral water and the body for deep hydration with our Marrakech sweet orange anti-fatigue plant oil.

  • The Sultans Ritual. 90 minutes 1,760 MAD

    A luxurious hammam experience that begins with relaxation in the heart of a steam bath followed by the traditional exfoliation of the body with black soap enriched with peppermint essential oil, which prepares the skin for an indepth purification of the body with a rhassoul mask and rose petals. The face is then exfoliated with argan and plum seeds before being revitalised with a white clay mask. This is followed by a scalp treatment with woody argan and a green tea cleansing before the lower body is treated to a foot exfoliation with amber or mint bath salts depending on the season.

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