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Hammam Rituals.

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The first steam baths, as they existed since the dawn of time, have passed through the ages to become the Hammam rituals of today.

Combining the virtues of warmth, steam and natural beauty products, the hammam becomes a place of relaxation and purification to help you take your time and shed the stressed-filled layers you carry.

The fragrant steam embalms the senses, perspiration detoxifies the body and the scents encourage a delicate feeling of relaxation and drowsiness to settle in.

  • Essential Hammam. 60 minutes MAD 900

    A personalized ritual that begins with a choice of essential oils that best suit your needs. These are added to black soap and Ghassoul; essential products of the traditional Moroccan Hammam. Your therapist applies black soap all over your body, and then exfoliates with a Kessa glove to help the skin to regain all its softness and beauty. The wrapping Ghassoul will nourish and purify the skin, leaving it looking and feeling like new.

  • Luxury Hammam. 90 minutes MAD 1,200

    Whether you need to relax or recover your energy, the essential oils and products chosen especially for you will accompany you through the different stages of the treatment.
    This traditional Hammam involves a full body black soap application by your therapist, a vigorous body scrub with the Kessa glove, a nourishing body mud, a conditioning hair cleanse, a face scrub and a scalp massage that will leave you feeling like new, from top to toe.

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