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Private Fitness and Yoga Classes.

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A chance to reconnect with your inner self or take care of your physical condition.

From muscle strengthening to stretching and cardio training, our private yoga and fitness classes can be experienced individually or in small groups with your family and friends.

Our yoga instructor and fitness coach are at hand to help ascertain your needs and create a program specifically for you.

  • Yoga:

    Private class one guest 900 MAD

    Private couple class MAD 1300

    Private group class (more than 5 guests) 440 MAD/Guest


    Private 60 minutes training one guest 800 MAD

    Private 60 minutes couple training 1200 MAD

    Private 60 minutes group training (more than 5 guests) 350 MAD/Guest

    Private 30 minutes training one guest 440 MAD

    Private 30 minutes couple training 600 MAD

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