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Full Moon Celebration.

Full Moon Celebration Bali

Dressed in a Balinese sarong and honour the full moon with flowers and blessings in a team. A private dinner for two on the moonlit seashore completes the experience.


Full Moon Dates:

Friday 6th January, 2023
Sunday 5th February, 2023
Monday 6th March, 2023
Wednesday 5th April, 2023
Thursday 4th May, 2023
Saturday 3rd June, 2023
Monday 3rd July, 2023
Tuesday 1st August, 2023
Thursday 31st August, 2023
Friday 29th September, 2023
Sunday 29th October, 2023
Monday 27th November, 2023
Wednesday 27th December, 2023


  • Duration 45 minutes.
  • Price IDR 3,600,000 for a couple.
    * Price excludes taxes.
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