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Hands, Feet and Hair.

Smooth Feet
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Give tired hands, overworked feet and lacklustre hair a treat at The Oberoi Spa.

  • Soft Hands. 60 minutes IDR 450,000

    Treatment includes nail cutting and shaping, cuticle care, a gentle exfoliation, a massage with a blend of aromatic oils and a nourishing mask to leave hands soft and radiant.

    *Nail polishing not included.

  • Smooth Feet. 60 minutes IDR 550,000

    Treat your feet to a warm soak in a bath salt, nail cutting and shaping, cuticle care, an exfoliation, a deep massage and a moisturising mask.

    *Nail polishing not included.

  • Hair Spa. 60 minutes IDR 580,000

    Create soft, glowing hair using fresh aloe vera blended with polyscias scutellaria, handpicked from our own herb garden. A gentle head massage stimulates the circulation, rehydrates dry hair and promotes gloss.

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