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(Maximum 2 adults per room)

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A state of sustained happiness
as opposed to transient pleasure


Encourage your inner sense of happiness and contentment or Sukh, for when you are content you accept yourself and you radiate beauty.
Your wellbeing is our endeavour, and through the architecture and peaceful ambiance created, we seek to help you shed the stressed filled layers you carry.
For as you enter the Spa by climbing a flight of measured steps, you rise above. This is the spirit of our Spa.

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Wellness to Wellbeing

The Journey from seeking wellness to attaining wellbeing cannot be rushed.
Put down the reins of frenzied daily life and concentrate on yourself; seek complete relaxation and set your own pace.

  • Image Alqvimia

    ALQVIMIA use 100% natural products and promise one of a kind experiences, with methods based on ancient alchemic wisdom, and treatments that evoke physical, energetic and emotional sensations. It believes that the balance between mind, body and spirit is essential to beauty; holistic care is requisite for internal and external wellbeing.

  • Image Ayurveda

    A traditional system of healing and medicine, evolved over a thousand years ago, Ayurveda appreciates that all beings must live in harmony within, with each other and with the changing cycles of nature. Wellbeing is balance; a dynamic equilibrium between body, mind, consciousness and the environment. Thus Ayurveda healing includes external treatments and internal herbs for the body; and procedures and practices for cleansing the mind and providing nourishment to the soul.


Upavasa, a Sanskrit word, literally means "to be near oneself". The Upavasa or the Wellness programmes at The Oberoi Sukhvilas have been carefully designed to enable
every guest to enter this space easily and effortlessly and providing deeper healing.

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    Digital Detox

    Duration: Minimum 5 nights

    The programme is aimed to help you switch off from the outside world and reconnect with your inner self. Minimise external distractions, turn your focus from the outside, inwards, and allow yourself to slow down.

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    Duration: Minimum 7 nights

    The upavasa rejuvenation program works more gently with you; through a combination of herbs, food, external body treatments and yoga, this program makes you feel better than ever before.

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    Duration: Minimum 7 nights

    Mindfulness is the practice of reconnecting with our thoughts, our feelings and our body. The programme helps you attain a natural and intuitive state of being present, so that you feel more connected with your inner self.

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    Duration: Minimum 14 nights

    The upavasa detox program aspires to help us learn how to cleanse ourselves; it is a very carefully planned program using various Ayurvedic components to enable you to actually experience a very deep state of detoxification and consequent nourishment.

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    Weight Management

    Duration: Minimum 21 nights

    The upavasa weight management program help you to learn to easily metabolise not only your food but also your thoughts and words and actions; and where proper all round metabolism happens, there weight is never an issue.