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Hotel Update
The swimming pool of the hotel will be under maintenance from 1st July until 31st October, 2024.
For residents who wish to enjoy a swim during this period, we have arranged access to the pool facilities at Wildflower Hall, our award winning resort located near Mashobra.  Wildflower Hall is 13 kilometres and a 45-minute drive from The Oberoi Cecil.
Our Concierge team will be happy to arrange transfers and our colleagues at Wildflower Hall will ensure you have an enjoyable experience.
  We thank you for your understanding and support as we work to upgrade our facilities for you to enjoy on your next visit to The Oberoi Cecil.


Christmas and
New Year Festivities


Indian Treatments at The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata
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Email Phone no +91 177 280 4848

From pain relief to deep relaxation, a skillfully delivered massage is excellent for your overall health and well-being. The Oberoi spa offers the most effective Eastern and Western spa treatments that soothe the senses, restore vitality and revive the spirit.

  • Oberoi Signature. 90 / 75 minutes INR 8,400/7,875

    Relax your mind, body and senses with our signature massage. Rooted in Ancient Indian healing, use of ‘kasa’ metal for its therapeutic effects on body and mind has been mentioned in Ayurveda. Your therapist works into your muscles using rhythmic soothing strokes coupled with deeper strokes using warm ‘kasa bowls’. This treatment is excellent for releasing muscular tension, increasing circulation and relieving stiffness.

    Hot Poultice. 90 / 75 minutes INR 8,400/7,875

    Carefully blended, selected herbs are soaked in a therapeutic oil. Heated and applied in tapping and gliding technique to relieve muscular tension, soothe tired and aching joints.

    Swedish. 90 / 75 / 60 minutes INR 8,400/7,875/6,300

    The most widely practiced and best known Western technique, Swedish massage is designed to invigorate and renew. The healing hands of your therapist provide a classic combination of strokes and pressure techniques to improve microcirculation, release muscular tension and relieve aches and pains. The experience leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated.

    Balinese. 75 / 60 minutes INR 7,875/6,300

    Developed on the island of Bali, this luxurious massage therapy combines the revitalising properties of aromatic oils with deep pressure techniques such as skin rolling, deep tissue manipulation and reflexology. A sense of calm and well-being envelops you as vital energy points are stimulated and muscle tension is eased.

    Dry massage. 60 minutes INR 6,300

    Anticipating guests 'sensitivity to ‘touch therapies’ during post pandemic period, this specially curated ‘Dry massage’ is designed to deliver an experience that involves minimal skin to skin contact. This treatment begins with a breathing practice followed by a full body massage involving stretching, dry muscle manipulation and activation of certain vital pressure points.

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