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The Oberoi Philae, Luxury Nile Cruiser featured on - USA

Opening the article with an overview of Egypt, Ms. Glenn Harris says that "Egypt is a beautiful country full of historical importance, wonders of the world, and is one of the oldest civilizations on earth.” Moving on, she highlights that “if you’re looking to experience Egypt’s wonders and get a firsthand look at the infamous Nile River, Oberoi’s five-day cruise is a good place to start. The cruise line operates four- and six-night journeys between Luxor and Aswan. Both journeys take guests to spectacular temples and museums where they can marvel at gargantuan statues of kings and queens, massive granite obelisks, and detailed wall carving that tell the stories of gods and pharaohs."

Talking about the luxury cruiser, Ms. Harris says that "The Philae is one of two ships that Oberoi operates on the Nile and is designed in the style of the old steam ships of the past. However the ship is anything but outdated. It is chic and contemporary, having recently gone through a complete overhaul and relaunch in 2016." Also getting a worthy mention in the article are the cruiser’s ultra-modern interiors, pool, lounges, bar, full service spa, library, fitness center and gourmet dining room. The writer also adds that “life aboard the ship is peaceful and unhurried." Also getting their due is the service excellence of the staff on board who "are friendly and eager to ensure that your trip is seamless and fun." provides objective analysis and information to affluent consumers of luxury goods, services and travel through relevant content and resource guides. The website covers luxury travel, charter services, vacation real estate, fashion trends, food and spirits, home décor, city guides and more. It reaches out to 9,83,420 unique monthly visitors.

Cruising the Nile River Aboard the Oberoi Philae Egypt is a beautiful country full of historical importance,wonders of the world, and is one of the oldest civilizations on earth In fact, 30 percent of the worlds ancient artifacts are found here For centuries, weve heard

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