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The Oberoi Sukhvilas Resort & Spa, Siswan Forest Range, New Chandigarh has been featured on the digital edition of Forbes, USA.

In her piece titled "India's Newest Luxury Resort Gets You Into Local, Remote Villages While Treating You Like A Royal", Ms. Alyson Krueger highlights that Oberoi Hotels & Resorts "is considered one of the most luxurious groups in the world, and all of their hotels and resorts (located in Asia and the Middle East) look and operate like palaces. Guests are taken to an impeccable environment protected with a gate and waited on hand and foot from servers, some of whom are actually dressed in silk."

Coming over to The Oberoi Sukhvilas Resort & Spa, Siswan Forest Range, New Chandigarh, Ms. Krueger emphasises that " their newest property is no exception. Spread over 2,500 acres are 60 guest accommodations. Some are villas, laid out over a single story and situated in clusters, like Indian mansions or havelis are traditionally designed. Others are luxury tents with their own pools and spacious bathrooms, modeled after what the maharajas used to sleep in when they would go out hunting. All rooms have original art like drawings made on stamp paper that the moguls used to use for business. And they have bay windows and bathtubs that look out to endless landscapes." In her piece, she also gives a worthy mention to the eye for detail, service excellence, the various specially curated Oberoi Experiences and the closeness you feel you nature while at the resort.


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