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The Oberoi Zahra, Luxury Nile Cruiser featured in the digital edition of Robb Report, USA.

Highlighting the best luxury river cruise ships in “8 Ships That Prove River Cruising Can Be Luxurious”, Mr. Mark Orwoll says that “the river cruising trend is heating up, with more cruise lines—and more amenity-laden ships—embarking on rivers around the world than ever. To stand out from the competition, cruise lines are seeking out uncharted waters, outfitting ships with innovative onboard features, and designing creative shore excursions that encourage meaningful cultural interactions.”

Coming to The Oberoi Zahra, Luxury Nile, he emphasises that “competition on the Nile has led its riverboats to more impressive—and luxurious—extremes. Leading the pack is the Oberoi Zahra, which features a contemporary design that is a stark, yet pleasing, contrast to Egypt’s ancient temples and pyramids outside the ship’s panoramic windows. The cruise journeys between Aswan and Luxor, stopping at the Ptolemaic-era temple of Kom Ombo, the Luxor Museum, and ancient Thebes.”

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