'Unforgettable Holidays' offer has been featured on the digital edition of Economic Times.

Suggesting deals to look out for in case you are planning to get out of the city for the upcoming Diwali weekend, the writer opens the piece by saying that "This year we celebrate Diwali on a Thursday. And while the cities are always full of extravagant festivities, you can actually take just a day off from work and explore a new destination instead."

The writer emphasises "Soak in the myriad colours, sights, and sounds of Rajasthan as you spend the long weekend basking in luxury at the Oberoi hotels in Jaipur, Udaipur, Ranthambhore. The 'Unforgettable Holidays' offer promises you luxe accommodation, exclusive spa therapies, complimentary cocktail hour and much more. Relive the era of emperors and explore the princely kingdoms as the royal state comes to life with Diwali celebrations."

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Please find below the coverage:

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