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Where to eat in Delhi this year

Titled "Where to eat in Delhi this year", the writer opens the piece by saying "After a pretty lacklustre 2017, the new year is looking up for the Capital as far as wining and dining go. The first week of January has seen some vaunted restaurants opening and many of these will only lead to the Indian foodscape becoming more mature and exciting, as diners get to sample sophisticated flavours by top chefs."

Coming to Baoshuan at The Oberoi, New Delhi, the writer says "This rooftop restaurant replaces the beloved Taipan. However, Baoshuan, where the mentor chef is London-based Andrew Wong, specialising in 'modern Chinese'— his cooking has elements from both Sichuan and Cantonese cooking—has all the makings of a winner." As for Omya, the writer says "Omya, has another London based chef, Alfred Prasad as its mentor, to train the Delhi team in his interpretation of 'traditional Indian food with international flair'. Prasad's opening menu has nods to regional gastronomy—scotched eggs instead of nargisi kofte sitting atop an Avadhi pulao, juicy burrahs, aloo tuk—even as he lightens the recipes without toning down flavours."

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Where to eat in Delhi this year Cond Nast Traveller India The hottest restaurants to try out in the Capital in 2018

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