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Mumbai: Where to Eat, Drink, Shop, and Crash

Titled "Mumbai: Where to Eat, Drink, Shop, and Crash", Ms. Natalie B. Compton opens the piece by saying "Sometimes moving through Mumbai can feel like that scene in Titanic, when Jack twirls Rose around at that super-lit party downstairs: The world is spinning and spinning and you can't really focus on anything, but there are lots of colors and you're very happy."

Suggesting The Oberoi, Mumbai as one of the places to stay when in Mumbai, Ms. Compton says "There is no hospitality like Indian hospitality, and The Oberoi takes Indian hospitality to the next level. The service at the luxury property goes beyond standard 5-star touches; the staff treats you like family—but not just any family; family they, you know, actually like.” She adds “When you check in, The Oberoi staff ask if you’ve eaten yet or if they can bring hot chocolate or tea in your room like a loving aunt might do. While the service is unreal, the views are even more unbelievable. Book a room with an ocean-view to take advantage of the hotel’s location in South Mumbai’s Nariman Point neighborhood."

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Mumbai Where to Eat, Drink, Shop, and Crash GQ How to spend one perfect night in Mumbai, Indias sprawling, stylish, delicious, and bustling cultural hub

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