The Oberoi Zahra, Luxury Nile Cruiser, Egypt and The Oberoi Philae, Luxury Nile Cruiser, Egypt featured on the digital edition of AFAR, USA.

In "Egypt Rising: Why 2019 Is the Year to Visit the Land of the Pharaohs", the writer highlights that "India-based Oberoi Hotels & Resorts operates two Nile cruise ships, both of which carry travelers from Aswan to Luxor. The 44-passenger Oberoi Philae offers four- and six-night itineraries that include motorboat excursions to the Nubian Museum in Aswan and sunrise visits to the Valley of the Kings; the 54-passenger Oberoi Zahra follows the same route but provides five- and seven-night options. Both cruise ships feature a guest-to-staff ratio of nearly two to one, as well as spas, pools, and large cabins with floor-to-ceiling windows that open to the desert breezes.

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