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The Most Beautiful Hotel Pools in the World

In “The Most Beautiful Hotel Pools in the World”, Ms. Kathryn Romeyn highlights that “Truly spectacular design leaves an impression, and swimming pools are no different. No matter the climate, any luxury hotel worth its salt has one—after all, it’s hard to say whether it’s more awe-inspiring to be submerged beside a sand-trimmed sea or surrounded by snowy peaks.”

Coming to Wildflower Hall, Shimla in the Himalayas – An Oberoi Resort, Ms. Romeyn says “Immersed in a dense cedar forest, this 2,515 metres Himalayan odyssey is acclaimed for its flora and fauna, including vibrant bird life, and all that is reflected from the perch of its bright indoor pool and infinity-edge outdoor whirlpool, both heated. Vivid yellow touches mimic a sun that feels closer than ever from the expansive pool deck.”

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The Most Beautiful Hotel Pools in the World Architectural Digest In locales ranging from the Swiss Alps to Patagonia, these beautiful hotel pools alone are worth the journey

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