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Sailing Dates

Explore the Nile in leisure with the specially created itinerary available exclusively on The Oberoi Philae.

Embarkation on board The Oberoi Philae can be done from Luxor or Aswan. Both Luxor and Aswan international airports are well connected to Cairo and many other cities in Middle East and Europe.


Four Nights


16th January

13th February

13th March

10th April

8th May

Dry Dock

3rd & 31st July

28th August

25th September

23rd October

20th November

18th December


6th January

3rd February

3rd and 31st March

28th April

26th May

Dry Dock

21st July

18th August

15th September

13th October

10th November

8th December

Six Nights


24th January

21st February

21st March

18th April

16th May

Dry Dock

11th July

8th August

5th September

3rd & 31st October

28th November

26th December

Four Nights


2nd & 30th January

27th February

27th March

24th April

22nd May

Dry Dock

17th July

14th August

11th September

9th October

6th November

4th December


20th January

17th February

17th March

14th April

12th May

Dry Dock

7th July

4th August

1st & 29th September

27th October

24th November

22nd December

Six Nights


10th January

7th February

7th March

4th April

2nd & 30th May

Dry Dock

25th July

22nd August

19th September

17th October

14th November

12th December

Four Nights


15th January

12th February

12th March

9th April

7th May

Dry Dock

2nd & 30th July

27th August

24th September

22nd October

19th November

17th December


5th January

2nd February

2nd and 30th March

27th April

25th May

Dry Dock

20th July

17th August

14th September

12th October

9th November

7th December

Six Nights


23rd January

20th February

20th March

17th April

15th May

Dry Dock

10th July

7th August

4th September

2nd & 30th October

27th November

25th December

Four Nights


1st & 29th January

26th February

26th March

23rd April

21st May

Dry Dock

16th July

13th August

10th September

8th October

5th November

3rd & 31st December


19th January

16th February

16th March

13th April

11th May

Dry Dock

6th July

3rd & 31st August

28th September

26th October

23rd November

21st December

Six Nights


9th January

6th February

6th March

3rd April

1st May

Dry Dock

24th July

21st August

18th September

16th October

13th November

11th December

Four Nights


14th January

11th February

10th March

7th April

5th May

Dry Dock

28th July

25th August

22th September

20nd October

17th November

15th December


4th January

1st & 29th February

28th March

25th April

23rd May

Dry Dock

18th July

15th August

12th September

10th October

7th November

5th December

Six Nights


22nd January

19th February

18th March

15th April

13th May

Dry Dock

8th July

5th August

2nd & 30th September

28th October

25th November

23rd December

Four Nights


28th January

25th February

24th March

21st April

19th May

Dry Dock

14th July

11th August

8th September

6th October

3rd November

1st & 29th December


18th January

15th February

14th March

11th April

9th May

Dry Dock

4th July

1st & 29th August

26th September

24th October

21st November

19th December

Six Nights


8th January

5th February

4th March

1st & 29th April

27th May

Dry Dock

22th July

19th August

16th September

14th October

11th November

9th December