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Best Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata near Chowringhee Lane

Published on: October 13, 2023

The Oberoi Grand is centrally located near the Indian Museum on Chowringhee Road. This gives us the best of all perspectives on the Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata, as well as the chance to escape the hustle-bustle and relax in the calm of our elegant hotel.

From The Oberoi Grand, you can travel north to experience the 2023 Durga Puja festivities in Santosh Mitra Square in Bowbazar, College Square, Mohammed Ali Park, Ahiritola Sarbojanin, Kumartuli Park and Bagbazar Sarbojanin. You can see the south Kolkata Durga Puja pandals at Suruchi Sangha in New Alipore, at the Chetla Agrani Club, Deshapriya Park, Tridhara Sammilani, Ballygunge Cultural, Ekdalia Evergreen and Singhi Park. Or you can opt to experience traditional Durga Puja in Kolkata in the former houses of the zamindars (wealthy landowners) at Shobhabazar Rajbari, Rani Rashmonir Bari in Janbazar, Bhowanipore Mallick Bari, Chhatubabu Latubabur Bari and Sabarna Roychowdhury Bari. Amongst others. Which will win your vote for the best Durga Puja pandal in Kolkata?

The best Durga Puja Pandals in North Kolkata:

In previous years, this locality has created lavish gold idols of the Goddess Durga that towered 10 feet over spectators. With a big budget, they aren’t shy of spending around 18 crore rupees (just under 2 million GBP or just over 2 million USD). This pandal is a must-see for visitors to the city who are happy to brave the crowds for an unforgettable extravaganza. What will their 2023 Durga Puja bring?

Distance from the Hotel: 3.3 Km
Travel Time: 21 minutes

Participants in the Durga Puja pandal contest since 1948, College Square Durga Puja pandal is unique in that it is beside a lake. By night, the reflections of the lights in the water make for an extra special show. Because of this, hordes of spectators flood here to witness the Durga pandal, making the area especially lively and bustling.

Distance from the Hotel: 2.2 Km
Travel Time: 16 minutes

This is a unique site for a Durga Puja pandal in an area that sees Hindus working alongside Muslim volunteers to make the event happen. Over the five days, the park attracts believers of both faiths to celebrate together. Even as religious tensions have risen across India in recent years, this park still fosters a sense of unity that the individuals here treasure. Past themes for Kolkata puja pandals at Mohammed Ali Park have included African safaris, doctors as demons and world famous monuments.

Distance from the Hotel: 3.5 Km
Travel Time: 22 minutes

Started in 1940, this is the site of some of the most controversial pandals in Kolkata, but for that reason, also some of the most unforgettable. A tribute to the sex workers of the city features in its portfolio, ladies who, like the Goddess Durga herself, are a force of nature. Please contact the concierge at The Oberoi Grand to find out what their 2023 Durga Puja pandal may be.

Distance from the Hotel: 4.9 Km
Travel Time: 26 minutes

Happy to be back in the real world, during the pandemic, when all Durga Puja celebrations in Kolkata were paused for fear of spreading the virus, Kumartuli Park went online in a virtual tribute to the ‘new normal’ with their Kolkata Durga Puja pandal: Man and Mask. This year, the many potters who live and work in this locality are hard at work crafting idols for not only theirs, but Durga Puja pandals across the city and the world.

Distance from the Hotel: 6.2 Km
Travel Time: 32 minutes

Bagbazar Sarbojanin has exhibited Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata since 1918 and prides itself on maintaining its olde worlde charm. Lighting and technology is more understated than at other venues. There is also a carnival with rides for adults and children. Bagbazar Sarbojanin enjoys a prime location on the banks of the River Hooghly.

Distance from the Hotel: 5.8 Km
Travel Time: 29 minutes

The best South Kolkata Durga Puja Pandals:

Exhibiting pandals in Kolkata since 1952, Suruchi Sangha has in its recent history been awarded the title of Model Puja, not only for its beauty, but for its safety measures during the pandemic, its charitable donations of clothing to vulnerable children and collection of flower offerings from the doorstep of local residents to the pandal site.

Distance from the Hotel: 0.8 Km
Travel Time: 33 minutes

Previously known as the Imperial Club, Chetla Agrani Club still maintains an ambience of royal bygone times. In the olden days, Durga Puja was celebrated here with a traditional funfair and a horse-drawn procession that rivalled other South Kolkata Durga Puja festivities. Nowadays, this is still one of the best Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata.

Distance from the Hotel: 6.8 Km
Travel Time: 28 minutes

In recent years, Deshapriya Park made the news headlines for its record breaking 28 metre tall idol of the Goddess Durga. Made from the untraditional material of reinforced concrete, this idol attracted such huge numbers of visitors that the site had to be closed early. No such grand plans have been announced for Durga Puja 2023 and visitors are being welcomed.

Distance from the Hotel: 5.9 Km
Travel Time: 24 minutes

This Pandal is especially known for its breathtaking light show that illuminates festivities and the night sky.

Distance from the Hotel: 5.7 Km
Travel Time: 23 minutes

This Durga Puja pandal association has been designing and exhibiting idols since 1950 and prides itself on fusing the traditional and modern in its exhibits. It is believed that around one million people visit this pandal over the five days of Durga Puja in Kolkata.

Distance from the Hotel: 6.1 Km
Travel Time: 25 minutes

This pandal cherishes tradition, be it their own or of other religions and countries. Participants in the South Kolkata Durga Puja since 1943, they showcase traditional idols, themes and artworks by local artisans. They also maintain the ancient practice of Durga Pratima.

Distance from the Hotel: 6.0 Km
Travel Time: 26 minutes

Kolkata puja pandals at Singhi Park have been made by the same artisan and his family for generations. Cherishing tradition, they showcase light-hearted themes that appeal to the young and old. Their Durga pandals are also set to music, which makes this a unique experience for visitors.

Distance from the Hotel: 6.3 Km
Travel Time: 26 minutes

Should you wish to experience Durga Puja in Kolkata in the house of a former zamindar, please contact The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata for information about timings and possible admission fees.

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