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Spa Serenity: Relax and Rejuvenate at the Luxury Spa in Shimla

Published on: June 7, 2024

After a fulfilling day sightseeing or trying fun activities in Shimla, The Oberoi Spa in Shimla at The Oberoi Cecil is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Accessible down a tiled, wooden staircase cut into the mountainside, the private treatment rooms at The Oberoi Spa offer panoramic views across the Shimla valley, of apple and cherry orchards, with the Himalayas in the distance.

The Oberoi Spa in Shimla is staffed by a dedicated team of expert therapists experienced in imparting personalised treatments to our esteemed guests. The spa menu includes traditional massage therapies and specially curated Oberoi treatments to help you refresh, rejuvenate and revitalise, in body and mind. Our range of Eastern and Western therapies will also help tackle stress, breathe new life into your complexion and help you get a good sleep.

We offer a range of Eastern and Western spa treatments to ease tensions in body and mind.

The Oberoi Signature Massage is inspired by ancient Indian healing practices and employ metal ‘kasa’ bowls imbibed with therapeutic effects. Deep rhythmic strokes release muscular tension, increase circulation and relieve stiffness.

A Hot Poultice Massage uses carefully blended, selected herbs soaked in a warm, therapeutic oil. These are tapped and glided over the body to relieve muscular and joint aches.

Swedish Massage is the most widely practiced Western technique; a combination of strokes and pressure to stimulate circulation, release muscular tension, rejuvenate and refresh.

Balinese Massage employs aromatic oils, pressured skin rolling, deep tissue manipulation and reflexology on vital energy points, for ultimate rejuvenation.

A Dry Massage involves minimal skin to skin contact. Each treatment begins with a breathing practice. The full body massage includes stretching, dry muscle manipulation and activation of vital pressure points. The after-effect is one of deep relaxation.

After an exciting day of action-packed activities in Shimla, give your tired hands, feet and even hair a treat.

Indian Foot Massage uses a heated kasa or bronze bowl to move oil with long and circular strokes around the lower legs and feet. This stimulates circulation, relieves muscular stiffness and releases tension, leaving you feeling energised and light.

An Indian Head Massage is a fantastic experience. Warm oil is applied to the scalp with brushing strokes to enliven and de-stress. Energy points in the scalp, neck, shoulders and face are also massaged for a deeply rejuvenating effect.

We offer personalised yoga, breathing and meditation sessions at The Oberoi Spa in Shimla. These can be booked from your in-room phone, at the spa or via the concierge.

We request you turn off or leave your mobile in your electronic room safe. The Oberoi Spa in Shimla is a mobile and WiFi free zone. Out of respect for all guests, please be punctual, so we can start and end your treatment on time. Gentlemen guests who are having a facial are advised to shave no less than 3 hours prior. Guests with medical conditions or pregnant should consult their doctor before scheduling an appointment. The spa welcomes all guests aged 16 and above. Please leave all jewellery in your electronic room safe. Spa robes and slippers are available at The Oberoi Spa in Shimla.

All spa therapies can be scheduled or cancelled at the spa. We understand that unavoidable circumstances may arise and cancelling your appointment might be necessary. If you find yourself unable to keep your appointment, please contact the spa at least 4 hours in advance to avoid incurring the full charge of your treatment.

The Oberoi Spa in Shimla is for the exclusive use of our resident guests only. Treatments are available between 9:00am and 9:00pm, and can be booked from your room phone, via the concierge or at the spa itself.

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