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Let yourself go and enjoy a one of a kind, unique experience; using methods based on ancient alchemic wisdom, and treatments that evoke physical, sensorial, energetic and emotional sensations.

  • Oasis of Serenity

    90 minutes INR 9,000

    A holistic treatment for the face and body, designed to dissolve stress and envelop you in the aura of physical and mental wellbeing you need to live your life from a place of inner harmony.

  • Queen of Egypt

    90 minutes INR 9,000

    Cleopatra, one of the most fascinating and seductive women in history, inspired this delicious ritual of beauty that uses Dead Sea wraps and salts, along with nature’s purest incense and myrrh, to rejuvenate your skin; leaving it looking and feeling beautifully radiant.

  • Mother To Be

    90 minutes INR 9,000

    Make this magical time even more special. Enjoy a body massage with Body Stretch Stopper Body Oil and an Absolute Beauty facial treatment. There has never been a better time to look after you.

  • Eternal Youth

    120 minutes INR 11,500

    The exclusive formula used in Eternal Youth facial and body treatments helps restore, rejuvenate and leave you with glowing, younger looking skin. This ritual uses the exclusive Eternal Youth products; a range formulated to attain holistic harmony for body, mind and spirit, while restoring and rejuvenating. Includes a Biological Age Test.

  • Garden of Desire

    120 minutes INR 11,500

    • Sensual Woman - Enhance your sensuality to seduce, attract and charm with a facial and body ritual inspired by the extraordinary properties of rose, neroli and jasmine.

    • Seductive Man - A facial and body ritual designed for men and based on a potent blend of essential oils from seeds and exotic woods to recharge masculine energy.

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