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ALQVIMIA uses 100% natural products and promises one of a kind experiences, with methods based on ancient alchemic wisdom, and treatments that evoke physical, energetic and emotional sensations.

ALQVIMIA believes that the balance between mind, body and spirit is essential to beauty; holistic care is requisite for internal and external wellbeing.

The ALQVIMIA method determines the appropriate treatment for you using a Polarity Test to check your energetic balance of Yin and Yang, and a Biological Age Test to discern your metabolic age, physical health and condition.

  • Signature Therapy

    75 minutes INR 8,000

    A unique blend of Eastern and Western techniques, where long, rhythmic strokes with warmed bronze kasa bowls are applied to the body. The combination of heat and pressure releases deeply held tensions; relaxing the body and mind.

  • Aromatherapy

    60 minutes INR 7,500

    The blissful aroma of natural oils extracted from herbs and flowers will soothe your senses as your therapist delivers a massage that will infuse the body, mind and spirit.

  • Chinese Meridian Acupressure

    60 minutes INR 7,500

    This oil-free massage clears blockages in your qi or energy pathways, redresses imbalance and improves vitality.

  • Hot Stone Massage

    90 minutes INR 9,000

    Smoothened volcanic stones, suffused with the earth’s energies, glide over and knead your body, stimulating deep relaxation and promoting good sleep.

  • Himalayan Singing Bowl

    90 minutes INR 9,000

    Long, stimulating massage strokes help remove blockages in the body’s energy points while a Himalayan singing bowl creates sonic vibrations that promote a deeply meditative, relaxed state.

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