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Ayurveda is a sophisticated mind-body-health system and a science of life. Ayurveda identifies the root causes of physical ailments and redresses imbalances in the body’s vital energies to ensure long term, sustainable wellness.

  • Dinacharya. 90 minutes INR 9,000

    In Ayurveda, Dinacharya is a routine practiced daily to ensure a healthy lifestyle. It incorporates a deep-rooted sense of peace and gradually energises your entire body. A set of six treatments work with each of the senses to enable greater clarity of perception and consequently, improved attention, better sleep and renewed energy.

    Dinacharya includes cleansing of the following:

    Anjana – a medicated liniment to cleanse the eyes

    Nasya – medicated oil droplets put into the nostrils to cleanse the respiratory channels

    Dhumapana – inhalation of medicated smoke to clear the sinuses

    Gandusha – holding of medicated fluid in the mouth to strengthen the teeth and gums

    Karnaporana – medicated oil droplets put into each ear to prevent the accumulation of earwax

    Abhyanga – liberal application of medicated oil in gentle strokes over the whole body to enhance good sleep, remove fatigue, aches and pain

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