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A Customised Experience

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  • A Customised Experience

    The Oberoi Spa offers a selection of Ancient Indian Wellness treats and Contemporary Spa Treatments to restore a sense of calm and harmony. Therapists well-versed in the art of imparting wellness, guide you through elevating experiences that result in enlivening all five senses to a point beyond and experience that inner harmony and relaxation.

    Choose from an array of Ancient Indian, Oriental and Western influenced treatments to restore the vital energies of the body, or select from our range of beauty treatments that impart nourishment and radiance.

    Whatever your preference, your time at The Oberoi Spa will leave you refreshed, renewed and re-energised.

    All you need to decide is the time you wish to spend at our spa, and then allow our team to deliver an experience that you will cherish forever.

    30 minutes     INR 4000

    45 minutes     INR 5500

    45 minutes     INR 5500

    75 minutes     INR 7250

    90 minutes     INR 8750

    120 minutes    INR 10500

    150 minutes    INR 12000

    180 minutes    INR 14000

    *Applicable taxes extra.

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