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Victoria Memorial - Weekend Getaways in Kolkata

Victoria Memorial

Supposedly the British Raj's answer to Agra's Taj Mahal, this imposing edifice contains a collection of Victorian memorabilia, including Queen Victoria's Piano.

Distance from the Hotel: 2.5 kilometres
Driving time: 5 min

The Maidan - Weekend Getaways in Kolkata

The Maidan

This enormous park forms the 'lungs' of Kolkata, and offers a fascinating ongoing pageant of the city's life. Nearby is the old British fort, Fort William. Also nearby is the 48-meter high Ochterlony Monument.

Distance from the Hotel: 650m
Driving time: 8 min

Kalighat - Weekend Getaways in Kolkata


An important temple to Kali, the goddess from whom Kolkata supposedly takes its name.

Distance from the Hotel: 4.9 kilometres
Driving time: 12 min

Raj Bhavan - Weekend Getaways in Kolkata

Raj Bhavan

This was once the residence of the British Viceroy in India. Not far away are other fine examples of Raj architecture: the Town Hall, Writers' Building (the old East India Company office) and St. John's Church. Also not far away is the South Park Street Cemetery, with its poignant old tombs and inscriptions.

Distance from the Hotel: 2.9 kilometres
Driving time: 6 min

Indian Museum - Weekend Getaways in Kolkata

Indian Museum

Perhaps one of the finest museums in Asia, with an excellent collection of art, as well as fossils and meteorites.

Distance from the Hotel: 190m
Driving time: 1 min