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These spa treatments are inspired by ancient Indian healing techniques; traditional massage rituals practiced for thousands of years to restore the vital energies, balance polarities and nurture holistic wellness.

  • Oil Massage. 60 minutes

    Warmed coconut oil is massaged over the whole body by your therapist with long soothing strokes to activate the circulation and balance energies which in turn promote deep relaxation.

  • Head & Shoulder Massage. 45 minutes

    Warm oil is applied to sections of the scalp with gentle and vigorous brushing strokes; activating vital energy points and reducing fatigue. By stimulating energy points of the shoulders, neck and face, energies throughout the entire body are balanced.

  • Foot & Leg Massage. 60 minutes

    With a warmed bronze kasa bowl and coconut oil, our therapists apply long strokes with medium pressure to the energy points in the lower legs and feet; stimulating circulation, relieving muscular stiffness and releasing tensions held from top to toe.

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