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(Maximum 2 adults per room)


Secluded by indigenous trees and framed by a lush tropical garden, the spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius is an oasis-within-an-oasis of tranquility.

Therapies include Ayurvedic, Western, Thai, Balinese and Oberoi signature treatments that harmonise modern sciences and ancient philosophies. Guests can also experience hatha yoga, breathing exercises, t'ai chi and meditation.

There are two pools, a fully-equipped fitness suite and floodlit tennis courts for year-round use.

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  • Signature Indigenous Rituals of Rejuvenation - The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

    Signature Indigenous Rituals

  • Massage Therapies - Balinese Treatment, Thai Massage & Hot Lava Shell Massages - The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

    Touch Therapies

  • Revitalising & Rejuvenating Body Therapies & Treatments - The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

    Revitalising Body Therapies

  • Revitalising Skin Care - The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

    Skin Care

  • Revitalising Manicure & Pedicure for Nail Care - The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

    Nail Care

  • Therapies & Treatments For Men - The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

    For Gentlemen

  • Spa Hair - Hair Care Treatments for Soft & Silky Hair - The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

    Spa Hair

  • Ayurveda Inspired Rituals & Treatments By The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

    Ayurveda Inspired Rituals

Signature Indigenous Rituals

Signature Indigenous Rituals of Rejuvenation in The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

Spirit of Ayurveda
(Ayurveda massage, herbal pouch massage, shirodhara, bathing ritual)

Inspired by the Ayurvedic principles of health and well-being, this session combines a series of traditional Indian therapies starting with a stimulating Ayurvedic massage which helps to invigorate and energise the nervous system. This is followed by a hot herbal pouch massage to ease the muscle and joint stiffness and soften and refine the skin. Shirodhara, a fine steady stream of warm oil flows onto the third eye to clear the mind and sooth your senses. A calming bath completes this experience.


Take your spa experience to a new zenith by opting for two or more consecutive therapies to suit your individual needs and create your very own spa ritual.

African Hypoxis Body Experience
(Ayurveda massage, herbal pouch massage, shirodhara, bathing ritual)

This ritual begins with an African body scrub that acts as a purifying mask. This process deeply eliminates toxins whilst exfoliating lifeless skin cells preparing the skin for Hypoxis. Extractions using a natural process combined with Marula oil, will soften, soothe and improve skin hydration, while fighting free radicals. Africology warm herbal blend mask relaxes you on application, letting you enjoy the background sounds of Africa to ensure a special way to help your mind focus on this holistic experience. Whilst the wrap moisturises and tones the skin, this therapy sensation is accentuated with an African foot ritual. This experience offers maximum protection against free radicals while helping the growth of fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen and elastin in the skin.

Touch Therapies

Massage Therapies - Balinese Treatment, Thai Massage & Hot Lava Shell Massages in The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

The healing power of touch soothes the senses and awakens the soul.

Oberoi therapy 60/90 minutes

Relax your mind, body and senses with our signature holistic massage. Your therapist provides you with a combination of rhythmic soothing strokes applying medium pressure, excellent for releasing muscular knots, increasing circulation and removing daily stress and tension from the body. Customised to fit your specific needs.

Balinese treatment 60/90 minutes

This luxurious spa therapy which evolved on the island of Bali is a deep pressure massage using a variety of techniques including skin rolling, deep tissue manipulation, gentle stretching and reflexology.

Thai massage 60/90 minutes

This therapy is an ancient and sacred system of healing with roots in Yoga, Ayurveda and Buddhist spiritual practices. It is a combination of rhythmic massage, acupressure and gentle twisting to stimulate and balance the flow of healing energy providing you with a powerful release of stress and tension. You are provided with loose comfortable clothing for this oil free therapy.

Hot lava shell therapy 60/90 minutes

This massage offers unparalleled benefits with continuous heat and pressure, creating the most powerful and long lasting results. Smooth lava shells are heated from the inside by combining natural ingredients of minerals, sea kelp, algae and salt water. Their seamless glide over your body creates a synergy of warmth and deep relaxation.

Couples massage 90 minutes

Magnificent massage suites filled with soothing music and blissful aromas are the perfect setting to share a spa experience with a friend or loved one. Beginning with a massage of your choice, this wonderful experience promotes bonding and togetherness in a unique setting. Your therapy concludes with an aromatic bathing ritual as you sip on our signature tea blend.

Revitalising Body Therapies

Revitalising & Rejuvenating Body Therapies & Treatments in The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

Blessed by the ancient wonders of Africa and the African ancestors who passed on their healing rituals to cleanse, heal and purify our bodies' .Ageless therapies from Africology have brought tradition and beauty into one correlation. Naturally blended Marula oils and Ghana shear are infused with African potato, Aloe and Rooibos whilst inspiring aromas to work on skin ailments. Let this experience create a safe and calm space for you to re-connect with yourself.

Inkomfi sloughing 30 minutes

Traditionally before any ceremony is attended,a preparatory process takes place. This sloughing process gently exfoliates lifeless skin cells while nourishing the skin. Skin is enthused with a warm compress and a nourishing body cocktail. Let the aromas of South African Geranium, Lemon and Neroli essential oils further transform a usually stressful mindset to one of enduring tranquillity since a powerful memory is invoked through this enchanting experience.

Coffee & Mint wrap 120 minutes

Begin this coffee delicacy with a Walnut and Marula shell exfoliating scrub, and then enjoy the proven combination of coffee and mint applied as a wrap and sets on the body to stimulate the lymph and blood flow together with toxin elimination. The wrap is also signatured to aid water retention and cellulite reduction.Pregnant women and high blood pressure clients may take advantage of the divine serenity this therapy will bring.

Rooibos and Lavender clay wrap 120 minutes

African maidens have for centuries captured the spirit of river mud, for a more youthful and radiant complexion. This wonderfully therapeutic wrap contains deep cleansing Kaolin and natural ingredients to treat skin ailments, stimulate blood and lymphatic flow. Enjoy this wrap with a preparation body scrub and conclude with Lavender and Pine aroma massage.

Skin Care

Revitalising Skin Care in The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

World renowned spa brand, Omorovicza is used exclusively for all of our facials. Inspired by nature and drawing on the latest scientific advances in mineral cosmetology, the Omorovicza skincare range has a rich, romantic heritage, applying unique healing waters to innovative skincare.

Healing 60 minutes
For sensitive skin

For sensitive skin in need of special attention, gentle products are used to cleanse and exfoliate. A unique Hungarian facial massage stimulates micro-circulation whilst relieving tension. A nourishing organic poultice supplies ample nourishment and moisture, leaving the skin glowing with new found health.

Energising 60 minutes
Lightening and brightening facial for all skin types

Designed to leave complexion rejuvenated and revitalized, this facial begins with a gentle peeling, enriched with copper for an anti-oxidant collagen stimulating punch. A unique facial massage soothes the senses and accelerates micro-circulation whilst a rose and peony scented mask plumps the epidermis to reduce the appearance of fine lines, leaving you energized with a youthful glow.

Soothing 60 minutes

For sensitive skin in need of special attention, gentle products are used to cleanse and exfoliate. A unique Hungarian facial massage stimulates micro-circulation whilst relieving tension. A nourishing organic poultice supplies ample nourishment and moisture, leaving the skin glowing with new found health.

Nail Care

Revitalising Manicure & Pedicure for Nail Care in The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

Hands and feet have been known to be the image of a person's personality. Be sure to enhance your overall beauty by enjoying our Pomegranate and Fig hands and feet full nail and skincare regime.

Pomegranate and fig spa manicure 45 minutes

Using one of nature's most potent antioxidants to keep your hands in good health, this deluxe pomegranate and fig 'facial for the hands' is the ultimate renewal therapy. An intense 2-step exfoliation will rejuvenate, deeply hydrate and help restore skin to a more youthful appearance. The therapy concludes with a hand massage using essential oil infused with pomegranate, fig and vitamin and a perfect polish of the nails. Your hands are left radiant and glowing.

Pomegranate and fig spa pedicure 60 minutes

Soothe your feet with a combination of pomegranate and fig. Your feet are soaked in a wonderful aromatic blend followed by a scrub to remove rough spots leaving your skin soft and silky. A luxurious foot massage with our pomegranate blend and an application of enamel completes your therapy.

Hydrating and Anti Aging 30 minutes

Top up your Pomegranate manicure and pedicure experience with an anti aging mask that contains a fruit acid alpha hydroxy to remove skin damage and restore sluggish surface skin. Double this skin charge with a warm paraffin wax coating which contains hydrating powers of olive oil and milk. Nail conditions are treated with our chemical free solution giving a potent lasting result.

For Gentlemen

Therapies & Treatments For Men in The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

Facial 60 minutes

This deep cleansing, therapeutic facial for men is designed to cater to your specific skin care needs such as razor burn and skin sensitivity. This therapy includes a de-stressing facial massage and a mask of Hungarian moor mud to refine the pores. A relaxing scalp and shoulder massage relieves tension and rejuvenates your senses.

After workout treatment 60/90 minutes

This powerful full body massage is designed to relieve aching muscles and joints after periods of physical stress and strain. Using a double layer of aromatherapy oils that will soothe away any muscular discomfort, your therapist will apply advanced deep tissue techniques to ensure effective absorption.

Back therapy 60 minutes

Created especially for men, this therapy begins with a deep cleansing exfoliation and hot compress followed by a warm thermal mud mask to draw out impurities. Your therapy concludes with a soothing back massage leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Manicure 45 minutes

A gentleman's manicure with special attention to the distinct needs of men's hands. Includes nail buffing.

Sports pedicure 60 minutes

This aroma therapeutic ritual soothes and hydrates your feet. Beginning with a relaxing therapeutic soak, followed by a warm mineral scrub to exfoliate and smooth the skin. Your therapy is finished with a moisturizing foot massage, nail grooming and buff of the nails.

Spa Hair

Spa Hair - Hair Care Treatments for Soft & Silky Hair in The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

Naturica hair care offers you natural and specific therapies for the beauty and health of your hair as well as the wellbeing of your scalp.

Choose one of the 3 Day spa hair packages for your hair condition and enjoy the pampering and tender care of our professional hairstylists in our Spa Salon.45 minutes

For frequent use, neutral PH

With Ginko-Biloba and rice milk to reinforce capillary fibres and structure of hair follicle.

For dry hair

With Milk protein and Wheat milk to nourish and smooth hair fibres without weighing the hair down.

For colour treated hair

With Soy milk and Ceramide to repair over treated hair.

For oily hair and scalp

With Tiolisin, Burdock, Milfoil, Vitamin F and Amino acids that purify, absorb and eliminate excess sebum.


With Ginseng, Watercress, Eucalyptus and vitamins to stimulate the micro circulation of the blood in the scalp, fortifies the hair and reduces hair loss.

Ayurveda Inspired Rituals

Ayurveda Inspired Rituals & Treatments - The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Mauritius

Ayurveda is a holistic system of healing which evolved among the sages of ancient India for over 5000 years. This ancient science focuses on establishing and maintaining the balance of energies within us, promoting harmony between you and nature. At the Oberoi Spa, our therapists help determine your body type or dosha and recommend the appropriate massage and oils. Ayurvedic therapies detoxify the body and restore the natural balance of the energies within.

Abhyanga 75 minutes

A traditional Indian massage applying a combination of soothing and symmetrical long strokes to regulate the circulatory and nervous system of the body. The warm herbal oil chosen according to your body type balances the doshas. A steam bath is recommended following this massage.

Hot herbal poultice therapy 60 minutes

This therapeutic massage begins with an application of warm oil, specific to your dosha. A warm herbal fomentation is applied to relax the muscles while stimulating circulation and energy flow. Heat and herbs reduce aches and pains, increase lymphatic drainage and condition the skin leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

Shiroabhyanga 45 minutes

Using Ayurvedic oils, vital points of the shoulder, neck, head and face are massaged to loosen tight muscles and encourage circulation. With a special focus on 'Marma' points around the head, you will feel an immense calming and balancing effect throughout the body. This therapy concludes with a mild fomentation, leaving you totally relaxed.

Marma point therapy 60 minutes

Marma points are energy pathways where the body and mind communicate. Using pure Ayurvedic oils according to your dosha, marma point therapy is a cleansing and harmonising therapy. It is a combination of energy balancing along with a subtle stimulation of the marma points. This therapy will leave you with a long lasting sense of calm.

Shirodhara 60 minutes

Shirodhara is an ancient Indian therapy using warm, medicated oils which flow from a specially designed copper vessel. A gentle stream of warm oil is directed onto the third eye which in turn triggers healing, restores balanced health and calms the mind.

Fitness facility

Cardiovascular & Weight Machines - The Gym at The Oberoi, Mauritius

The brightly-lit fitness centre affords refreshing views across our sub-tropical garden, and is equipped with a range of cardiovascular and weights machines.

Guests can also enjoy a game of tennis on the courts located within the hotel premises.

swimming pool

The Lagoon Pool Overlooking The Ocean - The Oberoi, Mauritius

Lagoon Pool - The Lagoon Pool can be accessed from the resort's garden or beach. Located next to the shoreline, it affords fantastic views across the ocean.

Length: 90 feet (27 metres)

Turtle Bay Pool - Located down a private pathway that opens on to views across the pool and ocean, Turtle Bay pool is for adults use only.

Length: 75 feet (23 metres)