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The Oberoi Spa offers a selection of holistic healing, relaxation, rejuvenation and well-being treatments for the mind, body and soul.Choose from a full body massage, a sensory experience, a body, face, hands, feet or hair treatment and feel revived under the care of our trained therapists in exquisitely appointed spa rooms and suites.Serenity awaits your presence to begin your journey of transformation at The Oberoi Spa.

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  • Signature Indigenous Rituals of Rejuvenation - Spa at The Oberoi, Dubai


  • Touch Therapies - Balinese Treatment, Thai Massage, Back Neck and Head massage & More at The Oberoi, Dubai

    Sensory Experiences

  • Revitalising & Rejuvenating Body Therapies & Treatments - Spa at The Oberoi, Dubai

    Indian Essentials

  • Face Therapies - Thermal Infusing Facial, Mankind Facial & Pure Radiance Facial By The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Dubai


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    Hand, Feet & Hair

  • Ayurveda Inspired Rituals & Treatments in Spa - The Oberoi, Dubai

    Oberoi Experiences


Signature Indigenous Rituals For Rejuvenation & Relaxation - Spa at The Oberoi, Dubai

The Oberoi Spa offers a wide range of traditional and modern, Eastern and Western massage treatments to soothe the senses, restore vitality and revive the spirit.

Oberoi Signature (75 minutes)

A unique blend of Eastern and Western techniques, where long, rhythmic strokes with warmed bronze kasa bowls are applied to the body. The combination of heat and pressure releases deeply held tensions; relaxing the body and mind. A blend of grassy and woody scents of vetiver, katrafay and omumbiri plant oil reminiscent of the African savannahs is used for our signature treatment.

Afrique Aroma (60 / 90 minutes)

The blissful aroma of a choice of plant oils will soothe your senses as your therapist delivers a massage using long nurturing strokes that will infuse the body and mind.

Baobab Pindas (75 / 90 minutes)

A detoxifying massage that uses heated pindas filled with baobab seeds. The combination of heat, deep pressure and micro massage by the seeds, stimulates the circulation and helps to eliminate toxins from the body. A South African indigenous health tonic: buchu, combined with Madagascan black and pink peppers, is used as the blended oil for the treatment

Tension Release (60 minutes)

A combination of stretching, trigger point therapy, cross muscle fibre techniques and a Tritouch tool, along with essential oils of katrafay, ravensara and ravinstara, which are known for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, will help relieve spasms and aches in overworked muscles.

Hot Lava Shell Therapy (60 / 90 minutes)

This massage offers unparalleled benefits with continuous heat and pressure, creating long lasting results. Smooth lava shells are heated from the inside by combining natural ingredients of minerals, sea kelp, algae and salt water. Their seamless glide over your body creates a synergy of warmth and deep relaxation.

Revitalised Legs (45 minutes)

Activate blood flow in tired legs and feet with a lymphatic drainage massage, using our signature wooden tool, combined with slow, soothing strokes to improve circulation and reduce swelling.

Sensory Experiences

Touch Therapies Include Balinese Treatment, Thai Massage, Back Neck and Head massage & More at The Oberoi, Dubai

The following treatments combine sensory experiences with massage techniques to release deeply held tensions in the body and mind, stimulate energy flow and promote holistic well-being.

Sound Therapy with Himalayan Singing Bowls (60 minutes)

Turn your focus from the outside, inwards. Start to slow things down with an aromatherapy inhalation using deep, relaxed breathing motions and a palm walk along the energy pathways. Himalayan singing bowls create a sound bath experience of sonic vibrations that ripple through the body, promoting a deeply meditative state.

* No oil. Please dress comfortably.

Couple's Journey (90 minutes)

Reignite togetherness and desire in a playful, romantic way. Inspired by the seduction rituals of the Surma tribe in Ethiopia, couples spend time in a private steam room using their fingers to draw pattern all over each other’s bodies with mud, before experiencing a 60 minute Afrique Aroma massage with their choice of essential oil blends in a couple’s therapy suite. Return to your room to spend time together as you so desire.

African Experience (120 minutes)

De-stress the mind and heal the body by reconnecting the physical and the emotional on a higher level through a sensorial journey. Experience an Ostrich egg and feather ritual, an aromatherapy massage, a glowing facial and meditation with African sound therapy. An experience for all five senses.

Indian Essentials

Revitalising & Rejuvenating Body Therapies & Treatments By The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Dubai

These spa treatments are inspired by ancient Indian healing techniques; traditional massage rituals practiced for thousands of years to restore the vital energies, balance polarities and nurture holistic wellness.

Oil Massage (60 minutes)

Warmed coconut oil is massaged over the whole body by your therapist with long soothing strokes to activate the circulation and balance energies which in turn promote deep relaxation.

Head & Shoulder Massage (45 minutes)

Warm oil is applied to sections of the scalp with gentle and vigorous brushing strokes; activating vital energy points and reducing fatigue. By stimulating energy points of the shoulders, neck and face, energies throughout the entire body are balanced.

Foot & Leg Massage (60 minutes)

With a warmed bronze kasa bowl and coconut oil, our therapists apply long strokes with medium pressure to the energy points in the lower legs and feet; stimulating circulation, relieving muscular stiffness and releasing tensions held from top to toe.


Face Therapies Include Thermal Infusing Facial, Mankind Facial & Pure Radiance Facial By The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Dubai

Body Scrub & Wrap (60 minutes)

After determining your skin type, your therapist will offer you a choice of exfoliators and body muds. Whilst in the mud mask, the body is wrapped to stimulate detoxification and firming. Post exfoliating and removal of the mask, your treatment concludes with the application of a moisturising body butter leaving your skin hydrated.


  • Myrrh
    Coco beads, sugar and rooibos leaf buff the skin, while baobab oil heals sun damage. After showering, you are invited to help yourself to our deeply moisturising omumbiri body butter.
  • Salt & Aloe
    Sea salt crystals gently slough away dead skin cells, while sea minerals draw toxins out. Aloe leaf powder stimulates the production of collagen, which fights signs of ageing.

Body Mask:

  • Terre Blanche (detox)
    Benotnite clay, combined with buchu and aloe ferox, work in harmony with the deep layers of the skin to remove toxins. Soothe away the stresses of everything from too much sun to urban pollution, and leave your skin cleansed and detoxified.
  • Terre Rouge (rejuvenate)
    Antioxidant rooibos and baobab fruit extracts work alongside natural oils in this cleansing body mask; combatting the degenerative effect of free radicals and helping prevent signs of ageing.
  • Terre Noire (soothe)
    Kigeilia extract helps treat sun damaged skin, eczema and psoriasis, while baobab extract strengthens the skin; reducing sensitivity, redness and itching.


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Terres d'Afrique organic skincare uses the world's most advanced phytotechnology and the unique healing properties of African plants. Respecting the symbiotic relationship between your skin and its microflora helps restore its natural balance and fight the signs of ageing

Soothe (60 minutes)

Includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, a cooling aloe gel mask, a hydrating blue lace crystal massage and an anti-inflammatory clay mask with baobab and kigelia extracts. Specialised facial massage techniques encourage regeneration of the skin at the deepest levels, while plant vitamins restore the skin's elasticity; leaving it supple, plumped and smooth to the touch.

Glow (60 minutes)

A combination of massage and Shiatsu pressure on the face with our signature lymph wands to encourage lymph drainage. A cleansing mask eliminates toxins from deep within the epidermis, preparing the skin to soak-in omega oil-rich botanicals and achieve a naturally radiant look.

Nourish (90 minutes)

Natural ingredients stimulate the skin's collagen and elastin production, while omegas help regenerate skin cells; countering the damage caused by free radicals. Wooden or crystal wands assist the lifting and firming properties of the plant formulations, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out and collagen is repaired.

Gentlemen (60 minutes)

This facial is designed especially for men's skin, using plant products specific to their needs and integrating techniques to achieve the best results. Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, deep moisturisation and a therapeutic mask.

Hand, Feet & Hair

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Soft Hands (45 minutes)

Treatment includes nail cutting and shaping, cuticle care, a gentle exfoliation, a massage with a blend of aromatic oils and a nourishing mask to leave hands soft and radiant. 

* Nail polishing not included.

Smooth Feet(45 minutes)

Treat your feet to a warm soak in a salt bath, nail cutting and shaping, cuticle care, an exfoliation, a deep massage and a moisturising mask.

* Nail polishing not included.

Radiant Locks (45 minutes)

A head massage using warmed coconut oil stimulates the circulation, rehydrates dry hair and promotes gloss. For optimum results, we leave the oil on the hair and wrap it in a traditional African wrap after treatment.

* Does not include hair washing. We recommend leaving the oil on for as long as comfortable.

Oberoi Experiences

Ayurveda Inspired Rituals & Treatments in Spa at The Oberoi, Dubai

Our specially curated wellness and beauty rituals combine select treatments to rejuvenate and relax the body and being. Each Oberoi Experience caters to your specific needs, delivers holistic care and transports you to a state of peace and calm.

Rejuvenate (180 minutes)

Reconnect the mind, body and spirit. This experience is a multi sensorial journey that includes meditation, whole body exfoliation, an aromatherapy massage, a glow facial and sound therapy.

  • African Experience
  • Glow Facial

Revive (150 minutes)

Ease muscular knots and feel renewed energy with a back massage. Clarify your complexion with a facial that brings glow to your skin. Invigorate your hands and feet with an exfoliating massage, and have nails re-shaped to perfection.

  • Tension Release
  • Glow Facial
  • Hands
  • Feet

Recuperate (120 minutes)

Includes a thorough whole body exfoliation, a body mask and a top-to-toe aroma massage to revitalise the body, mind and spirit.

  • Body Exfoliation
  • Body Mud Wrap
  • Afrique Aroma

Relax (90 minutes)

A whole body exfoliation leaves the skin smooth and looking younger, while a signature Oberoi massage relaxes the breath, the body and the mind.

  • Body Exfoliation
  • Signature Oberoi

Fitness facility

Cardiovascular & Weight Machines - The Gym at The Oberoi, Mauritius

The brightly-lit fitness centre affords refreshing views across our sub-tropical garden, and is equipped with a range of cardiovascular and weights machines.

Guests can also enjoy a game of tennis on the courts located within the hotel premises.

swimming pool

The Lagoon Pool Overlooking The Ocean - The Oberoi, Mauritius

Lagoon Pool - The Lagoon Pool can be accessed from the resort's garden or beach. Located next to the shoreline, it affords fantastic views across the ocean.

Length: 90 feet (27 metres)

Turtle Bay Pool - Located down a private pathway that opens on to views across the pool and ocean, Turtle Bay pool is for adults use only.

Length: 75 feet (23 metres)