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To ensure your spa experience is relaxing we recommend the following:

    • Our spa is designed for adults only. We consider 16 and above to be suitable.
    • To promote satvic energy in the spa area, we refrain from serving meat or alcoholic beverages.
    • To fully relax and enjoy The Oberoi Spa, we encourage you to leave your electronic gadgets behind to experience timelessness.
    • To be fully free, we insist you do not bring your personal valuables to the spa.
    • Out of respect to all guests, please bring your favorite swimwear to enjoy our wet facilities.
    • In case you have any health concern, please notify our spa staff and keep the usage of heat facilities to a minimum, for your own safety.
    • Our spa is designed to be barefoot friendly and we invite you to go footloose.
    • We invite you to spend the entire day at the Spa to fully benefit from your Spa experience. In between treatments, we challenge you to do nothing but paint, read or just doodle. We will provide you with the props.
    • Timekeeping is stressful and we encourage you to let go of Chrono time and learn to tune into Kairo time, which means surrendering to the ripe moment. Our Spa booking slots are indicative but not absolute. Please alert us if you have any commitments you are bound to. Any cancellation or rescheduling of treatments within 4 hours of Spa reservation will incur 50% of the treatment charges. Last minute cancellations will incur 100% of the treatment charges.
    • For your benefit, we encourage you to drink plenty of water, especially our freshly prepared herbal water infused with cumin, coriander and mint.
    • To enhance your hearing, we invite you to listen to the birds and the sounds of nature, which sing for you unconditionally.
    • Our spa is open early for yoga and we intend to put you and our therapists to bed by bed time.
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