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Silhouette Treatments.

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Let us help you choose a Silhouette Treatment made-to-measure for your personal needs and desired results using our kinesiology test. With a 100% natural combination of Dead Sea salts, seaweed from Brittany, and a synergy of the best essential oils, in order to obtain a beautiful, slender figure and smooth nourished skin.

  • Body Sculptor  60 minutes MAD 1,500

    Shapes the figure through lipo-reductive, restructuring action. Thanks to its 100% natural, powerful ingredients, it firms, moisturizes, tones and stimulates the skin. It is suitable for those who want to reduce fat in specific areas and shape the figure. Body Sculptor is also the perfect complement to the ALQVIMIA reducing therapy, with an overall volume reducing function.

    Body Shaper  60 minutes MAD 1,500

    Ideal for reducing excess volume, by performing a draining, lipolytic effect, and helping to stimulate skin tissue. It improves microcirculation and promotes the exchanges needed for cell renewal. Reducing, moisturizing and toning action.

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