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Coptic Monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul

Hidden away in the barren cliffs of the Eastern Desert, these Coptic Christian monasteries are the oldest in Egypt. Built during the 4th century AD, they represent the beginning of the Christian monastic tradition. Although, they are only 35 kilometres from each other, the cliffs and plateaus make them 82 kilometres apart by road.

A full day excursion. English – speaking monks personally conduct guided tours.

Distance from the Hotel to St. Anthony: 320 kilometres
Driving time: 4.5 hours

Distance from the Hotel to St. Paul: 261 kilometres
Driving time: 3.5 hours

El Gouna

A brand new resort town built by one of Egypt's biggest tycoons, it is the playground for the local rich and famous. Open air amphitheaters, golf courses, shopping malls, Abu Tig Marina, glorious and panoramic views of the open sea, makes it into a day's outing of pleasure.

Distance from the Hotel: 50 kilometres
Driving time: 50 minutes

Giftun Island

Located to the north of the hotel, Giftun Island is known for its vibrant coral reefs and exotic species of marine life. Stops on the reef for snorkeling followed by an oriental lunch on board the boat to return to mainland by sunset.

A full day excursion.

Distance from the Hotel: 45.1 kilometres
Sailing time: 1 hour

Desert Safari

Drive into the heart of the desert and its rough terrain to the south of Hurghada to reach the Shaieb El Benot Mountain, standing 2182m above sea level. Panoramic and breathtaking views of the Red Sea mountain ranges extend a very different feeling from the cooling blue waters of the Red Sea. A further drive leads to a Bedouin settlement where you are invited to tea in a traditional tent. Rides on the king of the desert, the camel, an introduction to the ancient water wells, sheep farming and even baked bread from a traditional brick oven are good ways to enjoy your time there.

Barbeque dinner will be served while you watch the Bedouin dancers performing their folklore with their oriental music and songs that you can also participate in. On your drive back to the hotel, you can stop for a breathtaking star lit panoramic view of the sky.

A half or full day excursion

Distance from the Hotel: 4.8 kilometres
Driving time: 10 minutes


The sheer grandeur of its monumental architecture, and its excellent state of preservation, has made the village-city of Luxor one of Egypt's greatest tourist attractions. Built on and around the 4000 year old site of ancient Thebes, Luxor is one of the world's greatest open air museums, a time capsule of a glorious long gone era. Situated approximately 225 kilometres from Hurghada, Luxor is actually three separate areas: the city of Luxor itself, the village of Karnak a couple of kilometers to the north-east, and the monuments and necropolis of ancient Thebes on the west bank of the Nile. Tombs, temples and other ruins highlighted by a breath taking sound and light show, recount the history of a resplendent past.

A full day excursion.

Distance from the Hotel: 225 kilometres
Driving time: 4 hours by car