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(Maximum 2 adults per room)

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Featuring splendid furniture, Mewar inspired designs and the most modern technologies, including complimentary access to high speed Internet for up to four devices, our rooms harmonise authentic style and convenience unlike any of the other luxury hotels in Udaipur.

On one side, rooms afford refreshing views of our expansive gardens, indigenous trees and vibrant bougainvillea. On the other, they open onto private or semi-private pools, with views of the serene waters of Lake Pichola and the dramatic City Palace.

Guests can opt for a suite and enjoy the luxury of their own private pool, or choose a premier room with a semi private pool and enjoy a unique bathing experience amongst resorts in Udaipur, in a 73 metre long water body. Guests who book a stay in a premier room can relax beside garden or pool views, in tastefully appointed accommodation replete with Rajasthani touches.

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