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Facial Treatments.

Thermal Infusing Facial, The Oberoi Dubai
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Pick from our range of specially curated facial treatments to relax, refresh and revitalise your skin; leaving you with radiant skin as well as feeling and looking younger.

  • Soundarya Facial. 90 minutes INR 10,000

    For dry and mature skin.

    This exceptional facial helps to slow down the signs of premature aging,.Specialised lifting massage techniques combined with the unique precious ingredients in this facial will help lift the skin and reduce signs of aging. Empowered with rejuvenating properties of 24K Gold and the anti-oxidant properties of other precious minerals, this treatment begins with a back massage and concludes with either a hand massage or a foot massage while the masque is on.

  • Tejas Jasmine & Patchouli Facial. 60 minutes INR 7,900

    For oily skin.

    A corrective treatment customised to restore the balance of the skin. This purifying facial uses specific herbs, the floral essence of pure jasmine, and tea tree and patchouli oils, renowned for their therapeutic qualities, to soothe the skin, neutralise oil production and give an even skin tone. Skin impurities are gently removed, shine is reduced and pores are tightened to leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and glowing with health.

  • Vedica Hydrating Facial. 60 minutes INR 7,900

    For dry and sensitive skin.

    Designed especially for sensitive skin, this calming and restorative skin treatment includes a combination of antioxidant herbs and roots, and pure rose infusion to rebalance and restore your skin’s vitality. It includes cleansing with traditional Indian hand pounded Ubtans and fresh flower infused mists and lotions to create a hydrating facial experience.

  • Revitalising Men's Facial. 90 minutes INR 10,000

    All skin types.

    A deep skin cleansing and detox treatment, this purifying facial decongests the skin by unclogging blocked pores, rapidly accelerating skin repair and neutralising impurities. Fast-acting and targeted botanical ingredients reduce sensitivity and provide long-lasting defence against the damaging effects of daily pollutants, leaving the skin visibly clearer. This treatment begins with a relaxing back massage and includes a choice of either a foot or hand massage while the masque is on.

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