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Vedica Hydrating Gulab Facial
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Take your pick of specially curated facial treatments to relax, refresh and revitalise your skin; leaving it glowing with wellness and looking younger.

  • Oberoi Facial. 60 minutes L.E 1220

    Natural healing properties of fresh products are used in our signature facial. Various ingredients ranging from honey to watermelon are specially selected for each particular skin type. Collectively, the ingredients cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise and restore elasticity, leaving the skin glowing and supple after the treatment.

  • Basic Cleansing Facial. 60 minutes L.E 1220

    European products suitable for each particular skin type are used in this treatment to remove impurities that block the pores, which blocks the pores and cause skin irritations and blemishes. The special massage movements help to deep cleanse by stimulating blood flow and loosening surface blockages while providing relaxation. The mask provides nourishment to balance the skin.

  • Gentle Cleansing Facial. 60 minutes L.E 1220

    Dry or sunburnt skin requires special attention to restore balance, improve hydration and encourage new cell growth. The treatment products are carefully selected for these purposes while specific care is taken so as not to aggravate the skin further. The mask contains vitamins essential for skin that has been dehydrated or exposed to sun.

  • Skin Balancing Facial. 60 minutes L.E 1220

    The products used help to clear up blocked pores and remove excess oil generated by over-active sebaceous glands. A brief and gentle massage is administered to avoid stimulating the oil glands before a skin-balancing mask is applied to purify and tone the skin.

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