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Body Wraps.

orange honey wrap
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All treatments include a head and face massage (without oil) while the body is drawing benefits from the wrap.

  • banana oatmeal mask 60 minutes L.E 1220

    This invigorating blend of oatmeal, honey and banana harmonise to tighten, cleanse, moisturise and soften the skin. Natural fibres in the ingredients also gently exfoliate and fade out facial lines.

    orange honey wrap 60 minutes L.E 1220

    Treat your skin to a dose of vitamins and fruit acids from orange and the natural healing power of honey. This moisturising wrap helps to tone the skin and promote cell renewal.

    mint cucumber healer 60 minutes L.E 1220

    A cooling wrap suitable for dull skin which helps to smoothen fine lines, lighten blemishes, soften hard skin and provide a soothing effect.

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