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The indoor swimming pool of the hotel will be under maintenance from 15th July until 20th July, 2024. During this time, our temperature-controlled outdoor pool will continue to stay operational. We thank you for your understanding and support as we work to upgrade our facilities. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused.


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Body Treatments.

Body Treatments at The Oberoi Spa in Bengaluru
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The treatment starts with a full body exfoliation to slough away dead skin cells. The application of a masque follows, and the body is cocooned in a heat-inducing wrap to facilitate natural detoxification, firming and nourishment.

  • Body Exfoliation. 30 minutes INR 4,250

    Exfoliation is a deep-cleansing technique whereby accumulated dead cells are gently scrubbed away to reveal fresh, radiant skin. A selection of natural blends is used to nourish and buff the skin, improving cell regeneration and blood circulation. The therapy is concluded with a hydrating application of body butter.

    • Himalayan rice scrub
      An ancient Indian preparation; this blend replenishes moisture and restores the skin's natural sheen. Almond powder and grains of Himalayan rice work together to gently remove dead skin cells, revealing a satin-smooch texture as your body cakes on a noticeably brighter tone.
    • Indian rose and salt scrub
      This mineral-rich blend creates gentle abrasion and sloughs away pollutants, detoxifying the skin. This coarse texture effectively refines the pores and draws out impurities to reveal a youthful freshness. You are left with plump and glowing skin.
  • Body Envelopment. 30 minutes INR 4,250

    This treatment starts with a ful1 body brushing to prepare the body for a wrap. The application of a masque follows, and the body is cocooned in a warmth-inducing wrap to facilitate natural detoxification, firming and nourishment. Relax with a dry head massage while the masque is working its way into the deeper layers of your skin.

    • Red Mud
      An indigenous Indian herbal mixture, chis cleansing masque envelopes you in a cocoon of heat and nourishment. Heat-inducing herbs and spices such as ginger, rice and nutmeg are combined to relieve muscular stiffness, aches and pains. This masque gently exfoliates the skin, fires up your body's systems and relaxes the nerves.
    • Indian Sandalwood
      A centuries-old concoction from India, this masque draws out impurities and deeply conditions the skin. Your therapist lathers your body with the smootlh textured salve, forming a snug sheath of nourishment. Your skin is rejuvenated and bathed in the sweet, earthy aromas of sandalwood that cling to you enticingly for the rest of the day
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