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Oberoi Signature, The Oberoi Dubai
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The Oberoi Spa offers a wide range of traditional and modern, Eastern and Western massage treatments to soothe the senses, restore vitality and revive the spirit.

  • Oberoi Signature. 75 minutes

    A unique blend of Eastern and Western techniques, where long, rhythmic strokes with warmed bronze kasa bowls are applied to the body. The combination of heat and pressure releases deeply held tensions; relaxing the body and mind. A blend of grassy and woody scents of vetiver, katrafay and omumbiri plant oil reminiscent of the African savannahs is used for our signature treatment.

  • Afrique Aroma. 60 / 90 minutes

    The blissful aroma of a choice of plant oils will soothe your senses as your therapist delivers a massage using long nurturing strokes that will infuse the body and mind.
  • Baobab Pindas. 75 / 90 minutes

    A detoxifying massage that uses heated pindas filled with baobab seeds. The combination of heat, deep pressure and micro massage by the seeds, stimulates the circulation and helps to eliminate toxins from the body. A South African indigenous health tonic: buchu, combined with Madagascan black and pink peppers, is used as the blended oil for the treatment

  • Tension Release. 60 minutes

    A combination of stretching, trigger point therapy, cross muscle fibre techniques and a Tritouch tool, along with essential oils of katrafay, ravensara and ravinstara, which are known for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, will help relieve spasms and aches in overworked muscles.
  • Hot Lava Shell Therapy. 60 / 90 minutes

    This massage offers unparalleled benefits with continuous heat and pressure, creating long lasting results. Smooth lava shells are heated from the inside by combining natural ingredients of minerals, sea kelp, algae and salt water. Their seamless glide over your body creates a synergy of warmth and deep relaxation.

  • Revitalised Legs. 45 minutes

    Activate blood flow in tired legs and feet with a lymphatic drainage massage, using our signature wooden tool, combined with slow, soothing strokes to improve circulation and reduce swelling.

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